Who’s In for a ‘Modern Family’ Spinoff?

The well-loved sitcom ‘Modern Family’ wrapped up in 2020, and need not to say, avid viewers are missing it. However, a spinoff might just be possible, and if that’s the case, then we’re absolutely here for it!

Especially if we’re talking about a gay spinoff… ‘Modern Family’ is known for introducing unique characters, and that includes secondary roles. Pepper Saltzman is one of the show’s most popular secondary characters, and he quickly became a fan favorite.

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Pepper is one of Mitch and Cam’s closest gay friends, and he is incredibly portrayed by openly gay actor Nathan Lane. He is a flamboyant character with a remarkable fashion sense, and his strong personality has a tinge of some gay stereotypes.

Throughout the show, Pepper’s character develops, and many fans feel that the potential ‘Modern Family’ spinoff should be about him (if there will ever be one, that is). According to Startefacts, Lane previously did an interview with Deadline where he reacted on the possibility of a spinoff.

“And where it goes, I don’t know. I don’t know if I’ll ever see that spinoff,” the 67-year-old actor stated.

He also reportedly came up with a title for the potential show: ‘A Dash of Pepper.’ The possible focus and title have been served, and now we only need ABC to make a move… Here’s to manifesting that ‘Modern Family’ spinoff!

Source: startefacts.com

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