Why Do Some Gay Men Pretend To Be ‘Total Tops’?

A.J. Cast in ‘When You Know For A Fact He’s A Top’ (screen capture)

Funny man Michael Henry’s latest ‘day in the life of gays’ sketch explores the virtues and values of ‘total top men.’

Or does it?


Kicking off the conversation while hanging out in the park with his friends A.J. (A.J. Cast) and Tim (Tim Murray), Henry asks, “So, when’s the first time you guys realized you were a ‘total top?”

Tim is quick on the trigger answering, “high school,” and A.J. confirms “junior high.”

Topping those responses, Henry freely offers, “Birth!” – complete with two thumbs up.


Michael Henry and the ‘Gay Bottom Mafia’ (screen capture)

But as the conversation continues, you get the sense one of these guys may be laying it on a bit thick (or thicc?).

With the ‘Gay Bottom Mafia’ twerking bodacious booties in the background for their Rush Week, pretty soon an imposter is revealed.

Jokes aside, the clip does make you wonder: what is it that gay men sometimes pretend to be a ‘total top?’

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