Why Each Remaining Queen Deserves to Win All Stars 4

All Stars 4 is the first in the RuPaul’s Drag Race spinoff to not have a clear and concise winner yet.

We pretty much knew winners Chad Michaels (season 1), Alaska (season 2) and Trixie Mattel (season 3) would go the distance and score the coveted crown in the end even though each had some major and minor hiccups along the way.

Right now, each of the remaining six queens have a shot to win All Stars 4 as they have excelled in their own individual strengths that have gotten them this far.

This Friday’s episode also indicates that an eliminated queen returns and a remaining queen gets the chop, which they’ve done in past seasons that have resulted in nothing but delicious drama (Alyssa Edwards & Phi Phi O’Hara anyone?)

This list focuses on the ones that remain as of the most recent episode, however. Let’s look at how each could enter the Drag Race Hall of Fame come finale night.

Manila Luzon. Manila has performed consistently well over the first five episodes, so much that her only time in the bottom was due to the judge’s critique of her girl group outfit in episode two. This season has been very comedy-heavy, as the past three episodes have challenged the queens to find their funny bone in different ways. Manila has pretty much been the only one to perform well in each, so much so that it landed her in the top two not once but twice. If she doesn’t fall into the bottom two, she’ll be fine. However, if she does… good luck, because the other girls will want to take you out in a heartbeat given how great you’ve been doing.

Naomi Smalls. Naomi has done decently well this season, where she landed in the high group three straight times but unfortunately didn’t make top two in each. She bombed during the Lady Bunny roast but made up for this by bringing fabulous look after look on the runway. Naomi isn’t really getting an edit that much at all this season, as the show has barely focused on her, so my hope is that they are saving it for some big moment where she wins a challenge, sends a queen packing, and solidifies herself as a force to be reckoned with in this game.

Valentina. Valentina has done a decent job this time around, although she fared much better during her initial season. What she has going is her unpredictability that the other queens can’t seem to figure out (she blatantly told Trinity that she would eliminate her even though her fellow S9 sister saved her during episode 3).

Monet X Change. Monet has experienced a marketable increase when it comes to how she is now compared to season 10. Her fashion has improved ten-fold, especially with her stunning runway outfit during the most recent episode. She’s not really getting the winners edit like some of the others are (Manila and Trinity) but she has done considerably well so far that she could find herself in the top 4 with fellow season 10 sister Monique if these two continue to align with each other and win challenges at the same time.

Trinity the Tuck. Trinity has proven why she’s an All Star and why she may just win this whole damn thing in the end. She rarely f***ed up this time around just like she did in season 9. Bunny’s roast was difficult for all minus two really (Manila and Monet), but outside of that she has slayed the comedy and fashion game this entire time while being very strategic about her elimination decisions as well.

Monique Heart. Monique’s fashion has really done a 180 since season 10. Her bold personality outshines many of the others both in and out of the challenges. She’s been fierce, in your face about her opinions (telling Farrah Moan she’s sick of her crying and confronting Latrice Royale about her poor performance in Jersey Justice), all while remaining the lovable queen that we got to know last year. All of this leads me to believe that she has a strong case in winning.

Based on how things have gone, this is how I would rank the remaining queens from worst to winner:

6. Valentina

5. Naomi Smalls

4. Monet X Change

3. Monique Heart

2. Trinity the Tuck

1. Manila Luzon

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