Why is Ed Sheeran Sitting on Elton John’s Lap?

You naughty bugger, you! 

"Thinking Out Loud" singer Ed Sheeran was in attendance at Sir Elton John's 25th AIDS Foundation Gala in Windsor, England on Wednesday night.

It was at this event that Ed got quite close with Elton, as he sat right on top of his lap and took photos with the pop icon. You can see the pics here. 

The first photo shows Elton looking quite happy as Ed sat his ginger behind on his lap. The "Rocket Man" singer also placed his hand on Ed's leg in the process. Ooh.

It was all in good fun of course, as Ed revealed many years ago how much of an inspiration Elton was and is to him. He actually called the "Shape Of You" singer back in 2015 to congratulate him on his success.

Other stars in attendance on Wednesday night included Victoria Beckham, Nicole Scherzinger and Elizabeth Hurley


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