‘Why Not!’ Photo Exhibit Showcases The Spirit Of Drag

Continuing the work he did for his 244-page book Why Drag? last year, celebrity/drag photographer Magnus Hastings has a gallery exhibit entitled Why Not! showing at Mr. Musichead Gallery in Los Angeles.

The show includes some iconic shots from his book in addition to some exciting new images of drag queens like Sasha Velour, Ginger Minj and Glen Alen—and drag adjacent The Kiss Boyz and House of Avalon.

Hastings is a British born photographer whose had work featured in Paper Magazine, GQ, Sunday Times Magazine, Glamour Magazine (UK). He has exhibited his work in New York City and has photographed subjects in London, Sydney, and Los Angeles among many others.

According to an interview Hastings did with Paper Magazine, he grew up with the enjoyment of dressing up in girls’ clothes and playing with dolls—from this place of curiosity, Hastings has always come from a place of respect when working with the drag community. From this admiration and love, Hastings has turned his hobby into one of the most sought-after photographers on the scene.

Hastings tells said:

It's more just about boys being gay and queer. They represent me as a six years old going to school in a dress and refusing to take it off. It's about saying 'we will do what the f*** we want' and the spirit of drag.

Why Not! The drag exhibit by Magnus Hastings is available at Mr. Musichead Gallery until August 12, 2017

Here’s a little taste of Why Not! by Magnus Hastings

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