Why Sexy Dancer Mark Kanemura is Having the Best Year Ever!

Since Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance, Mark Kanemura has been one of my favorite dancers. After being a contestant on the show his career as an artist took off and lead him to be one of Lady Gaga’s principal back-up dancers, among several other artists. The Hawaiian hottie has returned to SYTYCD as an all-star on a couple of occasions, but most recently he choreographed and starred in a Top 8 dance routine to RuPaul’s Call Me Mother that nearly blew up the internet with the gag-worthy performance.

It’s not doubt that Mark is talented with his sturdy and tight body that is also graceful and jarring all at once. He manages to serve complex performances that are dark and beautiful time and time again. And he is tall, ripped, gorgeous and I don’t know him personally, but based on his social media seems like a great guy to hang out with. It’s no wonder Mark Kanemura must be having the BEST YEAR EVER!

I look forward to seeing Mark prance around his house serving sickening booty-poppin’ dance moves—all in his undies or shorts. Please keep flooding our feeds (and basements), Mark!



I woke up like this. #theearlybirdgetsthewham!

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He even creates one-man performances that pay homage to some of the greatest moments from the year, like this video where he gains inspiration from RPDR Season 9 finale when Sasha Velour slayed her performance with a shocking shower of rose petals.

Oh, and Mark strips down to his skivvies here:

And it looks like Mark is keeping some great company in 2017.



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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @bennyptweets

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And in case I didn’t mention, Mark is sexy and cute and makes the best Instagram eye candy. I mean—can he come out with a calendar already? We’re waiting!


sunday funday.

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money doesn't buy happiness… but glitter does.

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don't worry guys.. I found Nemo. #justkeepswimming

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…because I care. : @shopcohla

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greetings from chella. #coachella2017 #coachella

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But what makes Mark the best is that he has a great heart and channels his creativity through the people he teaches. Since becoming a world traveler and successful dancer, Mark has taken to teach others how to express themselves fully through the art of dance. And then there’s this:

Can’t wait to see what you have in store of us in 2018, Mark! More booty-poppin’ in your shorts?

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