Why You Should Date a Dude with a Belly

As the gay community continues to become bigger and bigger, so does some of our waistlines. Many of us (myself included) enjoy having a belly for several different reasons that go beyond us shading the f**k out of guys with six packs (this has nothing to do with you, so go back to slurping down your "brotein" shake during your fifth hour at the gym, muscle studs). 


Something that has really taken shape (no pun intended) since the millennium is how the bear community has sort of become the normal body type that is not only liked… but desired. Bear comes in many different forms, however this one deals strictly for guys with size. The ones who have that extra spare tire when you need it. The guys who actually want to go to dinner and not complain about having to work out afterwards.

I'm sure there are many of you out there who have thought about dating a husky dude: why not, we are awesome! So in case any of you are teeter-tottering on enjoying a fistful of tater tots with a sexy, thick guy and need a couple of reasons to push you over that judgmental edge… fear not, because we got five of them!

Check out the five reasons why you should date a dude with size:

  1. We keep you warm all year round. Why cuddle up to a skeleton singing "Kitty Girl" when you can snuggle up next to a big, beefy bear whose body temperature will insulate your body in the coldest of months? Yas, please.
  2. Dinner is always a fun experience. It's going to be an appetizer-entree-dessert kind of situation no matter what kind of bone you shake at us (tee hee).
  3. We can be your bodyguard in case s**t goes down at a gay bar. Trying to cut in line for that half-priced martini, missy? I think not!
  4. Many of us put that extra effort in the bedroom. Eating isn't always for the dinner table, if you get my gist.
  5. We are freaking adorable, cute, sexy and amazing. Just look at us!


This was created by one of our Contributing Writers and does not reflect the opinion of Instinct Magazine or the other Contributing Writers when it comes to this subject. Also, don't be offended by anything in this article. It's for fun. I'm enjoying my burrito as I'm typing this, you should be experiencing the same joy as well. Fin. 

Also- totally me in both photos. Anyone interested please inquire within. 

31 thoughts on “Why You Should Date a Dude with a Belly”

  1. Ive dated bears before and I’m definitely not one but damn it seems a lot of you hate skinnier people and wouldn’t even date them. Then in the same breath complain about so muscle/gym bunnies not finding you attractive. People calling others gross is clearly not acceptable but you are kind of saying the same thing with the way you talk about people skinnier and how you’d never date them.

  2. People have their own reasons for liking whomever they like. I have been both slim and heavyset, and both situations have their charms. Be kind to yourself and others, and take it from there.

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  5. I’m skeletton…unfortunatly.

    I'm skeletton…unfortunatly…but belly men,s are so handsome!!!! Hope to find a little who love me how I am 🙂

  6. Im a big bear and I get so

    Im a big bear and I get so much disgust from muscle studs. They seem to think I am lazy and don't care about myself in the sense that I just put anything in my body and am filthy inside and out. Meanwhile I have the best hygiene of anyone I know thanks to having an anal mother. and yes I am big because I enjoy eating food. GOOD food, that makes you FEEL good. By FEEL good I am talking about how foods that are good for you actually nourish your body instead of deteriorate it and then you FEEL GOOD. Doritoes, McDonalds, never liked them… not even when I had a 32 inch waist and was a teenage soccer player. Meanwhile you go slurp your shakes thats made out of artificial shit. 

  7. I’m a big-bellied bear and I

    I'm a big-bellied bear and I prefer other big-bellied bears.  I like being fat and I make a point of only dating other guys, who like being fat.  Fat guys, who think that being fat is the worst accident that could have happened, are skinny guys in disguise.  I don't get queer-baited because of my size.  All my friends, whatever their size or shape, don't ghet queer-baited, when they're with me.  The motto that I created for the Camping Camping Bears group that I used tp participate in was:

    There's more to hug and more to shag,
    When you've got a fat boy in your bag.

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  9. I am a bear and always have

    I am a bear and always have been.  I an now out of shape at 70 with a lot of illnesses caused by being over weight and out of shape.  It wasn't always that way. Until I was 35 to 40 my favorite hobby was backpacking.  I once climbed to the top of half dome in Yosemite.  My early career was as a firefighter on a hotshot fire crew.  I was both masculine and focused..

    Now days I am not in shape and have a belly for reasons I won't go into here.  My experience has given me a depth of empathy you won't generally find in others.  I will care for you no matter what.  I can do things to you sexually that can't even imagine.  Once you get rid of your preconceived notions about big boys you will discover we are full packages of love.


  10. What a crock 

    What a crock 

    1. Keeping you warm?  That's prob due to the increased body temp due to the infections in their body from diabetes and poor circulation 

    2.  Dinner fun?  Yeh nothing like watching a bear devour three fatty greasy courses. So sexy. NOT! 

    3. bodyguard???  They couldn't run anywhere to save anything ( unless the buffet opens )

    4. Bedroom effort. For about a minute perhaps.  They have no stamina and can't get into any of the fun positions 

    5. Cute?  That's in the eye of the beholder. Looks pretty gross to me.  

    • Finally someone calls it out.

      Finally someone calls it out. Gross, so gross. It’s his calling card—the bland kale jokes, snore—but then he features muscle studs as bears to be desired. Give me health over “belly” any day. Ryan change the tune this CD’s broken. We get it. Love yourself some. 

  11. I try not to judge people on

    I try not to judge people on their looks but after 2 long relationships in my life with overweight men, sorry but this article is nonsense. These men were specifically interested in me because I was short and thin and still am. They were horrible people and the many chubby and husky guys I dated over the years only showed me that this idea that guys with less then great bodies were somehow really better partners/lovers/whatever is ridiculous. For the past 22 years I've been with a guy with a nice lean muscular body who beyond any doubt is a better person then the overweight creeps I've known.




    • You know, keeping a healthy

      You know, keeping a healthy body also helps keep a healthy mind. That's why they say to exercise when you are depressed, which is what I did. I kept a 30 inch waist 6 pack abs and spent nights on the beach by myself thinking about how much i wanted to die and wish I did not have to wake up one more day.Coincidentally I contemplated suicide everynight for 6 months near a cruise park on the beach and one night this beautiful boy walked up to be, just beautiful… he was inshape but it wasnt muscle it wasnt fat it was like soft body he was just beautiful. It was all over, we fell in love, he showed me how to love myself, and take care of myself, he saved me. I grew big since then… and because my attitude on life has changed. I stopped giving a fuck about trying to keep my body in good shape hoping someone will want to fuck me. I started eating pizzas cause yum. And I got happy. I got chubby, but happy, and healthy, and my cheeks had a rosy glow and I had a healthy body that was hydrated and nourished and I was not deficient in anything anymore. Later on I discovered the fat gay community and I agree with you they are all creeps, but I am not. It matters who you are, and beauty comes in all shapes in sizes. You can't categorize people by their body shape. We are people with minds and souls before we are people with fat bodies or skinny bodies or black bodies or white bodies. 

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  13. I am a big man, and I think

    I am a big man, and I think we have more appreciation for others in general. Very handsome and fit men tend to be more obsessed with mirrors than with husbands.

  14. I agree with you, Mike. And I

    I agree with you, Mike. And I would add,

    #9 – Tend to show more empathy, compassion and laugh more. And aren't afraid of sharing emotions.

    #10 – Have a unique fashion sense with a natural attraction to plaid and natural fibres.





  15. Reason #6-We are comfortable

    Reason #6-We are comfortable with ourselves. Unlike the gym bunnies we have nothing to prove & we don’t feel the need to compete about things that don’t really matter.

    Reason #7- We tend to be more loyal. Your last guy became your ex because you found him catting around online looking for tricks? In my experience, bears try to keep things going on at home, & would rather stay with a guy they have mutual attraction/relationship with, rather than risk it on a one-night stand.

    Reason #8- we know our food. Even if it’s just burgers & beer we like to eat food that *tastes good*. So when you get sick of the constant gym-bunny, cardboard tasting food, come find a bear. Whether it’s cooking it or just eating it, we make dinner enjoyable.

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  17. I’m a guy with a belly and my

    I'm a guy with a belly and my preference is for a guy with a little bit of a belly but why does this article have to throw shade it skinny guys? I'm sure it could have been written without doing this.

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  20. I’ve never been with a big

    I’ve never been with a big man but you are cute and would be my first choice among bears.


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