Why Your Phys Ed Class Really Was Hell

Aussie researchers find that four out of five LGBTI students suffer from discrimination during Physical Education classes at school. Further, 25% of the students say they have been physically abused by classmates during sporting activities.

Researchers at Melbourne’s Victoria University asked almost 400 openly gay and gender-diverse young people if they had experienced homophobia and transphobia. More than 80% said they heard phrases like "you’re so gay," and nearly 60% had been called names like "faggot" or "dyke." It left the LGBT students reporting moderate levels of depression and moderate to severe levels of anxiety.

Research leader Dr Caroline Symons says these experiences tell LGBTI youth “you are not welcome here,” which can prevent them from enjoying the physical, mental and social benefits of participation for years to come." No duh.

If you ask us, the "shocking" thing is that these figures seem a bit LOW. What was your PE experience like?




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