Why’s Lady Gaga Selling Jockstraps?

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The squeaky wheel gets the grease. In this case, the grease is a pair of hot pink underwear.

After this incident, don’t get caught saying Lada Gaga doesn’t listen to the gays. In fact, it was one gay YouTuber who convinced Lady Gaga and her team to sell jockstraps.


The actress and singer considered the idea because she was selling new merch anyway. Gaga announced a whole pack of new merch ahead of her upcoming sixth album Chromatica. The album, which drops on May 29, includes features from Sir Elton John, Ariana Grande, and K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK. And, the merch released ahead of the album include typical items like bags, mugs, shirts, sweaters, and socks. But because it’s Gaga, the Chromatica merch also included some revealing underwear. But the problem, at least to one YouTuber, was the fact that briefs and thongs were the only underwear on sale.

“WHERE is the chromatica jockstrap???” wrote YouTuber Tyler Oakley, “We want answers.”


But here’s the thing, Oakley’s tweet went unanswered. At least, for a week. Then, there was suddenly a new addition to Lady Gaga’s selection of Chromatica merch. A single jockstrap in blinding hot pink. Fans can pay $30 for the jockstrap and a digital copy of the album.

After hearing of this addition, Oakley tweeted again. This time, he simply wrote, “what can I say, I get things done.”


That you do, Tyler Oakley. That you do.

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