“Wild Things” Was Almost Way Wilder…

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda! What narrow-minded Hollywood executive decided to cut a sex scene between Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon in the 90s steamy hit “Wild Things”? “Wild Things” was a hot, hot, hot 90s movie starring Dillon, Bacon, Neve Campbell, and Denise Richards. According to Rotten Tomatoes


“Wild Things is a delightfully salacious, flesh-exposed romp that also requires a high degree of love for trash cinema.”

Wild Things was considered very risque in the late 90s. And now 25 years later we learn it could have even been more risque! Turns out another twist in the film centered on Dillon and Bacon – earlier scripts had them as a couple..with a shower scene. Director John McNaughton sat down with Yahoo Entertainment to discuss the film’s 25th anniversary and said,


“In the original version of the scene, Matt (Dillon) walks into his bathroom to take a shower and there’s Kevin (Bacon). They were supposed to look each other up and down and then wham — go at it. I love surprises, and I love stuff that I don’t see coming.”

Unfortunately, we can’t blame a bigwig fat cat company exec for this lost moment in pop culture history. At the last minute, either Bacon or Dillon had reservations – no judgments. According to The Pink News, “On the day of filming, however, the scene in question got cut because one of the actors involved felt uncomfortable and objected to its inclusion. McNaughton did not reveal which actor asked for the scene to be removed.”


Guess you can’t cry over scrapped gay sex scenes in 90s classic cinema.






Sources: The Pink News

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