Will A Sex Confession Prevent The Spice Girls Reunion

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Scary Spice Claims She Slept With Ginger!

If you’re a ’90s baby like I am, especially a flamboyant one, chances are you were obsessed with the iconic Pop girl group, The Spice Girls. My little gay behind had it all: A Spice Girl album book equipped with cut outs from any magazine, a decorated wall, the action figures, Barbie dolls, literally anything I could fan girl with. I still don’t think I’ve ever been the same since the day in first grade when I found out Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell) quit the group. I went to school pouring tears, something my mother still laughs about. The Spice Girls were my first ever concert, but I won’t lie the experience was a little lackluster since Ginger never made an appearance. Her revealing wardrobe and busty size made her a sex icon, my mother’s least favorite, and it appears her hyper sexuality is causing a stir once again from the most troubled of her Spice sisters, Scary Spice (Melanie Brown).


You may be familiar with Scary Spice’s messy personal life. She is going through a rachet divorce from Stephen Belafonte and has accused him of emotional and physical abuse. On top of this, a custody battle of their child, and alcohol abuse issues, it has also been alleged she is wild in her sex life, involving women, including her former nanny into her sexcapades. The media hasn’t been to kind to her, especially the gossip queen herself, Wendy Williams. Scary has the most to lose if The Spice Girls don’t have their summer reunion tour (sans Posh Spice AKA  Victoria Beckham). She recently went on Piers Morgan’s talk show and decided to blurt out information every LGBTQ person knows you don’t say if you hooked up with someone closeted or for the sake of respecting someone’s privacy.

According to The Daily Mail, Scary, admittedly bisexual, decided to openly admit she had a one night stand with Ginger. Like, girl, come on! If you’re an LGBTQ person reading this, I’m willing to bet once in your lifetime you’ve hooked up with someone who was experimenting or not out with their sexuality to the world. We’ve talked plenty of times how outing someone is absolutely uncalled for in any situation, so this is all a bit creepy and lingers on desperation from Scary! Ginger is even a married mother, so this is just a big cluster of unnecessary information and no one asked for it. Apparently, Scary was so devastated over the reveal that she called Ginger to apologize and is trying to keep the peace before their upcoming tour which begins in the summer. Ginger is allegedly upset as she now had to reveal the confession to her husband. Lord! Scary, just because your life is messy doesn’t mean you have to bring your former Spice sisters into it. Ginger may be so upset she could pull out of the Spice Girl concerts for the second time. What a mess! We want them to tour America, not end after they only takeover Europe!

While this messy confession shouldn’t necessarily be spoken of, the ’90s baby in me is freaking out. Can you imagine if former boy bander Lance Bass came out and claimed to have slept with Justin Timberlake? We would be going insane – and also, it could be believable. This is pretty wild, but hey, the girls were in their early 20s or younger when they were taking over the world and probably needed that warm body next to them at night. I’m giving a big side eye to Scary Spice, but honestly I’m kind of living for the confession. Again, she never should have said anything, but hey, now we know there was some extra spice into our favorite girl group.

Check out the clip of Scary spilling the tea below:

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