Will Amazon Ever Develop the Drag Queen Amazon Echo?

When I started shopping around for a smart home device, I couldn’t decide between a Google Home or an Amazon Echo. I tested both and ultimately went with the Amazon Echo because it had been around longer and had more complimenting apps. It’s been a lot of getting use to as I have tried to figure out the right way to ask the Echo questions so that it recognizes what I am asking for. Like instead of asking “Alexa, what time does bathhouse close?” I have to ask “Alexa, what are the business hours for the bathhouse?” It’s truly a science.

I often think that Alexa will respond with something that will throw me for a loop such as “Alexa, what’s the weather today?

Alexa would respond, “Look outside, dumbass!”


It would be a dream come true and definitely make things more interesting. I also imagine how incredibly entertaining it would be to be stuck in Southern California traffic if Google Maps or Waze had a special voice that reacted to traffic conditions.

Example, instead of the navigation system saying “Traffic detected ahead” it would instead say something like “Oh, bitch! Traffic jam, you better turn around and go home!”

Now, how much more special would it be if the Amazon Echo or Google Maps came in a voice that we all recognized?


I know I’m not alone here. Thankfully, for any question or though that you’ve ever had, the internet delivers.

Fans have been creating some Amazon Echo parody commercials that feature the voices of some of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s most memorable queens. Of course, the videos feature some crass and rude remarks, but isn’t that what someone would want if their Alexa was a drag queen?

Here are just some of my favorites which feature Jasmine Masters, Alaska, Willam, Alyssa Edwards, Trixie & Katya, and Bianca del Rio.


I would never leave the house if these existed! Now, can we get the queen-loving programmers to actually make these? Yes gawd!

Jasmine Masters











Alyssa Edwards




Trixie and Katya




Bianca del Rio



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