Will And Grace Rebounds Beautifully With Second Episode

Even though it dipped in ratings by about 3 million viewers from the first episode, Will & Grace's second showing fared much better than its premiere in many different ways.  This time around, we were easily reminded of what made the show so incredible in the first place, as many of the moments this time around were reminiscent of what would happen during its eight season run that ended over a decade ago.

For me, the first episode was a bit too political and not necessarily the best way to jump back into things after being gone for too long.  A friend of mine commented that he knew someone who saw the second episode ahead of time, and that it definitely raises the bar from what the first one did.  Regardless, I was going to watch and found myself laughing hysterically throughout.

This particular episode finds the duo's of Will & Jack and Karen & Grace doing what they do best: a bit of physical comedy mixed with killer insults and coming to major realizations towards the end of what makes them so good for one another.  Will & Jack find themselves at an old standby called The Cockpit, where their older age is one that becomes the major focus when they are hitting on guys who are much younger than them.  Case in point: Ben Platt's adorable millennial character named Blake.  

The date between Will and Blake was my favorite part of the episode, as it shows the stark differences between the Gen-xers and millennials.  Granted, I am part of the latter, and would never FaceTime during a date and am fully aware of who Madonna is and love her.  Ben's cluelessness on so many things (Stonehenge instead of Stonewall), is quite adorable, but it leads to Will making an epic rant about gay history that he feels millennials don't seem to know about.  It was easily the best part of the night.

Of course, Jack gets back into his usual hyjinks when he finds a younger guy but feels he can't compete due to his age.  This leads him to go to Karen for advice, who simply throws him into an uncomfortable girdle of sorts and magnets implanted to not give him a "Mitch McConnell" neck.  That leads to what Sean Hayes does best, where the girdle and magnets are too much to handle and even approaching a guy at the bar is nearly impossible.

Karen & Grace get into it when Karen wants to get a raise to which Grace denies.  They then get locked in Karen's shower which accidentally turns on the water and they are floating around neck deep while arguing.  Not thrilled that Rosario isn't around anymore, but I'll take what I can get with the new maid.  Hopefully she finds some sort of comedic timing and can fling the insults around at Karen similarly to what Rosario expertly did for years.

Overall, I would give this episode an 8/10.  The scenes were a bit short (so many commercials breaks), but they are definitely finding their rhythm again and I look forward to seeing what happens to these characters in the upcoming episodes.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more with

    I couldn't agree more with this review. The show was just like old times and i too laughed out loud compared to the premiere episode.  I called my best friend the day after watch8ng this episode and basically gave him your same review. Keep it up Will & Grace!

  2. Though I enjoyed the show, I

    Though I enjoyed the show, I was not the biggest "Will and Grace" fan, in that I had to be at home every Thursday night to watch the show like many (remember "Must See TV"). However the chemistry between the characters and the comedic timing was classic. Glad that has continued.


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