Will Daddy Scott Ever Get His Naked Massage?

'Bad boy' Jim rewards Scott with a massage but things get interrupted
Drew Canan as ‘Jim’ in ‘Bad Massage Boy’ (screen capture)

The latest installment of the Bad Boy web series – ‘Bad Massage Boy’ – features Jim (Drew Canan) trying to give Scott (Artie O’Daly) a reward massage for finishing his movie script about Jim, but unexpected interruptions keep getting in the way of the rubdown.

Scott tries to politely pass on the massage but Jim won’t take no for an answer. When plying Scott with wine doesn’t seem to convince him, Jim goes the ‘alpha’ route: “Listen, you little b*tch, you’re going to get naked, lie down on my table and I’m going to rub you down. Any questions punk?”


Scott obeys.

Jim goes alpha on Scott, and Scott obeys.
Scott is surprised by Jim’s alpha approach

Jim begins the massage (wearing perfectly acceptable sequined disco shorts) but is quickly cut off by a phone call from his Aunt Whitney (Theresa Ryan) warning of a ‘dangerous man’ running around the house with a gun.

Forget that – there’s a naked massage to be had!


Next comes a parade of unannounced visitors beginning with James (Alex Dyon) who’s on a mission to hurl water-filled condoms at people.

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Wacky FBI agent Calista (Alina Bock) shows up in a faux Swiss Miss costume still trying to prove Scott was somehow involved in a murder.

And Brian (Doug Rogers), Scott’s hot ‘boyfriend who’s not really his boyfriend,’ proves the point that every time he visits Scott, Jim is usually there and Scott’s always half-naked. p.s. yep, this time, too…

Hot boyfriend Brian takes a peek at Scott's backside
Brian (Doug Rogers) takes a peek

Along the way, Scott’s butt makes some cameo appearances and Jim declares he should get naked for his own massage.

As always, the absurdist storyline moves at a fast pace thanks to O’Daly’s rapid-fire dialogue and the cast who are clearly down for the wild and wooly antics.

Hit play below and make sure you hang out for the adorable end title graphics by Charlie Branigan which tell the tale from each character’s perspective.

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