Will Frank Ocean’s 2nd PrEP+ Party Be More Queer?

Image via Frank Ocean and Gay Letter

Second time’s the charm?

Last week, singer Frank Ocean was in the hot seat. His nightclub experience themed after the 1980’s LGBTQ nightclub scene and the HIV epidemic was found to be queer only in name. Internet users complained of the event’s exclusivity resulting in queer people of color being unable to attend the event. Partygoers then confirmed this unfortunate reality.


Ocean didn’t help himself with the fact that he sold $60 shirts with the name of the HIV-preventive drug on them.

But as was shared at the initial party’s announcement, Frank Ocean and Gay Letter’s PrEP+ events are a series of parties. This upcoming event is looking to be more LGBTQ focused than its predecessor.

Venezuelan DJ, producer, and general artist Arca, who identifies as non-binary but uses it/she pronouns, will be performing at the event. In addition, Papi Juice, the DJ collective that throws parties for QPOC in New York, Shyboi, and Leeon will be performing.

Will Frank Ocean get away with this event without pushback and calls of queerbait? We’ll find out soon.


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