Will & Grace Are Dating The Same Otter In New Episode

Will & Grace is coming back to us after it's winter break and we're excited to see this week's episode for the dashing new, yet very familiar, otter playing center stage.

The promo video for the upcoming Will & Grace episode called "Friends & Lover" has been released and we get a little glimpse of the man taking up Will and Grace's affections in it.

Surprisingly though, the man in question, known as the “Bad Boy of Bread," is played by none other than Nick Offerman. Offerman also happens to be actress Megan Mullaly's real life husband.

In addition, this weekend is the Golden Globes and Will & Grace is nominated for two awards. The NBC series has been nominated for Best Comedy Series and Best Actor (Eric McCormack). 

In its original run, the show was nominated at the Golden Globes 29 times but never won an award. Maybe this is the year.

Tune into the Golden Globes on Sunday to see what happens and tune into NBC before that to see whether Nick Offerman chooses Will or Grace.

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