‘Will & Grace’ Ends With a Surprise No One Saw Coming

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Will & Grace, arguably one of the biggest and most important LGBTQ series of all-time, finally closed its curtains on Thursday, April 23. 

The Emmy-winning show, which was rebooted in the fall of 2017 after 11 years of it being off the air, ended on a truly emotional note during its series finale. 

All four of the main characters got what they wanted by the time the episode concluded. It was very different from how the original run of the show finished where they fast forwarded to the future with Will (Eric McCormack) & Grace’s (Debra Messing) kids getting married after initially meeting during their freshman year of college.

“It’s Time” was the title of the series finale which fit perfectly into what happened for each character. For Will, it was time for him to finally leave the apartment he spent decades in and into a fresh start with Grace and her baby. For Grace, it was time for her to become a mother and begin a brand new chapter of her life. Something happens during the show, however, that shifts things for Will in the most beautiful of ways. More on that later. 

Jack (Sean Hayes) finally gets what he wanted in his career. After being a fledgling actor for, pretty much ever, he lands the role of Sailor number 5 in a Broadway play. This only happened because, as luck would have it, the four guys ahead of him all got sick hours beforehand. Unrealistic, sure, but it was made only that much funnier when Jack let out the most hilarious scream after he found out he got the part. 

Then there’s Karen (Megan Mullally). She reveals to the other three that her ex-husband Stan wants to meet her atop the Statue of Liberty which is where they had their first date. The four all hop in a cab to go to the iconic NYC location, even though Karen has her reservations, where their driver happens to be none other than Lorraine Finster (Minnie Driver). These two have a hilarious history with one another. Lorraine initially slept with Stan before Karen got her revenge and bedded her father. Regardless, Lorraine convinces Karen that she should give Stan another chance as she really believes he is the love of her life. 

Stan, who has never appeared on camera throughout the duration of the show, kept that tradition going when he greeted Karen from a helicopter while she waited for him at the Statue of Liberty. He proposed via a Tiffany’s box that was sent down to her which she accepted and the rest is history. We will never ever know what Stan really looks like. Sad face. 

Now back to Will & Grace. Will’s life was turned upside down when he found out that his ex McCoy (Matt Bomer) was back in New York City after he left his job in London. The two eventually reunited in the hallway of Will’s apartment where McCoy admitted how sorry he was about how their relationship ended and wanted to see if things could work between them again. “The gay guy gets to have his Prince Charming too,” McCoy told him, which left Will very emotional. 

Will tells Grace that he wants to see where things go with McCoy. Then, she finally goes into labor. The episode ends with the 4 main cast members giving each other a big group hug as they make their way to the hospital. Will is the last one to leave as he takes one more look at his empty apartment before the show fades to black.

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  1. I only watched one show and it was basically a rehash of a past episode from the first series,I never watched another show,and seeing that they are all in their 50s and they looked it ,it’s kind of silly that they had a baby.


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