Will & Grace Recap: Problematic Sex, Beverly Leslie and Texas

The latest Will & Grace episode found three of the characters headed south to Texas whereas one couldn’t get her man to go south on her.


Grace and Noah “The Curmudgeon” (David Schwimmer) have been dating for weeks now but have yet to do the deed with one another. She panics in the beginning on the episode and wonders if the curtain is closing on if it will ever happen or not.

As the show continues, they do their best to get it in only to run into several problems like Grace having sex with Noah’s favorite sandwich guy (he refers to him “touching his meat” at some point. Giggity). By episode’s end, they finally do it after Grace reveals that she does “everything” in bed.

Will & Jack go to Texas to see Jack’s grandson Skip (Jet Jergunsmeyer) perform at a local church concert. Skip was the one that they saved last season when his parents put him in a conversion camp, so Jack feels a great deal of closeness to him which is far greater than the one he had with his son Elliott (Michael Anganaro).

Jack starts to have a meltdown once he discovers that Skip will be singing a very gay song, “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” and fears that he will be ridiculed and bullied because of it (primarily due to where they are located). Will goes into a story about how he wanted to perform as Freddie Mercury as a child but didn’t due to his parents and tries to make Jack see the brighter side in letting him do this over what people will think about him. In the end, the audience loved it and Jack goes into hysterics on stage when realizing how bad his judgment was about the area he was in. Will ends the episode dressed as Freddie Mercury, which is equally funny as it is hot.


As for Karen, she heads to the border to check out a spot on the wall she’s sponsored, only to discover that her arch nemesis Beverly Leslie (Leslie Jordan) had taken it from her. They get into it, of course, only to wind up in jail after they caused damage on their automobiles.

It is within the holding cell that Karen meets a woman who is trying to flee Mexico and got a better understanding as to why she is doing so as it relates to her late made Rosario (Shelley Morrison). Karen’s emotional scenes are always great, even though they can be rare, and the connection that she makes with this woman while they are in the cell was fantastic to watch and proof of what a great actress Megan Mullally really is.

Funny lines from the episode:

“I thought we were going to have sex, so I didn’t want to come at him all bloated and gross”.


 “Oh, look it’s a double feature: Rio Homo and High by Noon”.

“You haven’t had sex with him yet? What are you… having it renovated?”

“Who names their child after an old lady’s scarf?”

“I didn’t know the state of Texas was so… Texas-sy.”


“My new pixel has a wide-angle lens, so we can fit most of Will in.”

“Let’s just say this cowgirl was coming around the mountain… when she came.”

“There’s no need for excessive force… if that’s what you’re into.”

“He may look like Mr. Clean but he’s Mr. Dirty!”

What did you think of last night’s Will & Grace?

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