Will & Grace Recap: The L Word and Gaybraham Twinkin

The two most recent Will & Grace episodes have severely tugged at our heartstrings, so it was nice to see that the cast changed things up a bit on Thursday night’s program with something a bit funnier.


There are still some emotional moments in this episode, but they pale in comparison in terms of what we had to deal with two weeks ago regarding Grace’s #MeToo story and how rough it was for Will after he came out 30 years ago the week before.

The A storyline revolves around Grace and her boyfriend Noah, played by David Schwimmer. He has shown up quite frequently during the show’s 2nd season revival, and things appear to be going decently between the two of them. Will emerges after Noah leaves their apartment and admits to not really caring for the man she’s dating. Grace then hatches a plan for them to hang out in a very Parent Trap sort of way, where Noah eventually reveals that he has a 12-year-old daughter but wants to keep it from Grace for a bit.

The B storyline involves Jack and Karen and their usual shenanigans. Karen spoke with “Accountant” and she needs to invest in something that she knows will fail amid her divorce from Stan. Enter Jack and his return to the stage with a show that is all about the alleged gay love life of former President Abraham Lincoln, or in this case… Gaybraham Lincoln.

Yes, there were some funny moments in both, but to be honest… I was bored watching these. The relationship between Grace and Noah is incredibly uninspiring and lacks what she had with Leo (Harry Connick Jr) many moons ago. I’m not sure if this is me always seeing David as Ross from his Friends character, but there isn’t that much to like about these two even though he said “I love you” to her by the end of the episode. And once again, Will is the supportive friend as opposed to being someone who finds love himself. I love W&G but it’s a major flaw that the show is still suffering from where Grace’s love life is always the focal point and Will is just there to help her through her relationship issues.


Jack and Karen’s part was kind of funny. She originally laughed (in a bad way) at all his ideas for the show before it eventually gets popular and she replaces him as the lead with Two and a Half Men alum Jon Cryer. It’s cute, and the gay puns are on full force as they always are, but wasn’t last week’s episode about Will and Karen battling it out lip sync style to be Jack’s best man at his upcoming wedding?

The cohesiveness of these episodes in the reboot are very confusing. I would think that the B storyline would be Jack and Karen hilariously doing something fun for the upcoming nuptials, but instead its just relying on what he did so much of during the original run of the show as a failed actor. Who knows where these characters will end up next week… but I’m puzzled as their development yet again.

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