Will Hallmark Ever Premiere A Gay Christmas Movie?

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All we want for Christmas is a gay movie.

It’s time folks. We have hit December and it’s officially time to start getting into the Christmas spirit. Or perhaps, you’re one of the people who starts as soon as Halloween ends. No matter which group you belong to, there’s no denying that we are in the holiday/Christmas season. And with that, comes cheesy tv movies.


For decades now, the Hallmark tv channel has had a large monopoly on the tv Christmas movie. The channel has celebrated major traffic during the holiday season thanks to its commitment to creating holiday “classics.” That said, streaming platforms are trying to come for Hallmark with movies like Netflix’s A Christmas Prince or the Princess Switch or Disney+’s Noelle. But what can set Hallmark apart from the rest? A gay movie.

Despite being the go-to channel for Christmas films for decades, Hallmark has also been known for its fear of diversifying its stories. Frankly, Hallmark’s Christmas movies have continued to be about straight, white people. As The Wrap recently reports, all the 40 new festive films released by the channel are focused on straight romance for their leads. It’s time for a change.

This is a perspective that many Twitter users have expressed recently, as you can see below.




But it wasn’t just everyday citizens on Twitter expressing these views. Even people in the entertainment industry expressed similar sentiments.

Meghan Hooper White, senior vice president of original co-productions and acquisitions for Lifetime, told The Wrap: “As Lifetime has a diverse group of people working behind the scenes, we’re always looking at the environments we create with our holiday movies to ensure they are reflective of the world we live in.

“We want to see ourselves. While we are proud of the great strides we have made in having many inclusive and diverse storylines … we can always continue to expand.”

Sources: The Wrap, Pink News

5 thoughts on “Will Hallmark Ever Premiere A Gay Christmas Movie?”

  1. Hallmark only makes movies for straight white people so to see a gay male couple as lead characters would be a step forward. Maybe even throw in one or two movies with an interracial gay male coulple, best believe conservatives will freak out.

  2. Finally it’s being addressed , my homophobic parents only watch hallmark movies because they don’t have gay people in them, I would love for them to start making gay hallmark movies even if it’s one a month or something like that.

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