Will Paris Hilton’s new release give Pretty Girls some competition for Song of the Summer?

Paris Hilton just released High off My Love ft. Birdman.  Will it be a hit of the summer?  Will it give Iggy and Britney some competition for Song of the Summer?  Have a listen and a watch here.

Is this song full of ground breaking lyrics?  Is the video epic and earth shattering?  I think both song and video are a weak conglomeration of what is already out there.

What's in the video?  We have boys with hot abs standing around all pouty and apparently turned on by Paris.  We're filming in black and white for a while, then flashes of color.  We get so see some female buttocks in tiny undies and Paris with 4 look-a-likes.  Wait are they underground in some kind of industrial setting?  That's been quite popular recently, too.  Then there's the off-beat music while Paris says something, but don't forget the mid-song slow down rap interlude by some guest singer (Birdman).  Oh yeah, he's puffing and blowing some smoke all slow and gansta like or is it supposed to be sexual?  But it's a great place in the song to mention Red Bull and a Hummer.

As you can see, currently, I'm not a fan.  By the end of the Summer, that may change. 

Will you give this new song a chance?

Back in August of 2006, I did fall in love with her Nothing in This World.  My taste isn't spot on all the time.  Did you block that song out of your brain?  Here it is.  A blast from the past and almost a decade old.

What do you think?