Will the Republican Party Start Swinging Our Way?

With multiple states falling this past weekend, Alaska being the most recent occurring just today, are Republicans going to lessen their fight against LGBT issues, like same-sex marriage, and start courting the gay voter?



Speaking against same-sex marriage is a political loser?  That is what one sound bite stated in the Daily Show's most recent broadcast in a story called Democalypse 2014  It goes on to quote the Chair of the RNC that "same-sex marriage is no longer a top tier issue."  The comic news skit also shows a clip from Rand Paul stating he still does not support gay marriage, but the Republican Party should have room for both schools of thought. Anyone else want to call him Paul Rand?  Just seems to flow better. Sorry.  Anyways …



John Stewart does put a little glimmer of hope into our political futures … a time soon when same-sex marriage is not an issue.  But will the republican stance on LGBT issues go from being against – to not considering them a top issue – to then caring for the issues as a political party? 


Al Madrigal joins John Stewart to state "latinos are the original gays."  To learn more about that statement and to figure out what this picture means, view the video below.  And is that the real translation of churro?



What are your thoughts?  With this avalanche of states allowing same-sex marriages, will the Republican Party change how it deals with LGBT issues?




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  1. I wouldn’t vote GOP even if

    I wouldn't vote GOP even if they guaranteed me a naked pool party with 20 of the hottest actors in Hollywood.


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