Will This ‘Natural Occurrence’ Be Part Of Big Studio Visuals Soon?

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

What is creaming and why haven’t we seen it in the big porn studios offerings?

If you’re were a red-blooded and blue-balled gay man during the pandemic, you were most likely taking matters into your own hands quite a bit. Many of us still are, while others never slowed down the app dates and doing the deed in person. 


But it is safe to say, the porn sites did quite well in 2020 as people were taking precautions. And with those visits to this xxx site and that adult site, we sometimes found ourselves going down a porn hole or two, where you keep clicking on next or related videos and you get so far away from your “jock rimming fingers mushroom head” key words search, you are into anime alien sex, which is not always a bad thing.

And it also depends on the site you start off on.  Some present those clean and crisp studio videos while others showcase the amateur stuff.  But you see a little more in those amateur sites that you don’t see in the professional offerings.  There’s one recent visual in gay porn that I was confuzzled about, made my own conclusion about, but now I may be wrong. A Buzzfeed post a little while ago added to my knowledge and cleared up some of the confusion I have about gay sex (which is still a great deal) by describing what the heck creaming is.   

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Creaming is when the bottom produces a translucent or white substance while receiving from the top. I always thought it was just the build up of lube coming back out, kind of getting churned like butter, or maybe the top ejaculated and just kept pumping away. It was still hot, different, but it’s something else I need to learn about the human ass and gay sex. 


There are others out there that swear creaming is basically what I said, lube, spit, ejaculate, all things that have been put in, but are working their way out on the shaft as the top pumps away. 

And there are others that say, nope, creaming is a legitimate bodily reaction as the bottom is getting pleasured.  Not all bottoms are creamers, but the tops that make them cream, love to boast that they’re the ones making it happen with their big juicy piston.

If you’ve been watching porn as long as I have, you’ll notice that creaming is a somewhat of more recently accepted visual reality as part of gay sex as it was never really shown in studio produced videos and it really kind of still isn’t.  With the rise of independent filming, amateur sites, pay sites, etc, well, you’re getting more of the real stuff and not the cleaned-up versions. 


Some content creators are even banking on the creaming as a highlight or staple of their home productions, making sure it is in every video they push out and in and out and in and out. Buzzfeed interviewed Tolliver a 35 yr old porn editor and he states that creaming has become something that is highlighted more so when the top is black.

“When you’re editing white porn performers, if they cream, it’s not super visible. But I think in Black porn it’s like even more prized because, if I’m being very frank, that kind of thing is going to show up on our dicks more. It adds a level of visual stimulation.”

Creaming is not new for many that have sex and have met up with a creamer or are themselves one, but it is new for the industry to show creaming in videos. Therefore, when we see something new that we’ve never experienced before during our own sex, we ask questions, and different isn’t always deemed as better when first discussed. Is it too much lube, the wrong lube, did the top finish in the bottom and keep going, does the top or the bottom have an STD/STI, and so on.  What am I seeing!?!

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

It’s like when you’re circumcised/cut and you play with someone who is uncircumcised/uncut for the first time. There is a learning curve, but a fun one. Or is it not like that since this is adding a new fluid to the anal sex mix, something is coming out of you or him that seems foreign and odd. “I’ve seen uncut cock on videos before, but this ass juice is an unknown.”



Buzzfeed did talk to Bespoke Surgical’s Evan Goldstein, a 45-year-old proctologist and specialist in queer men’s sexual health at his practice for more info on creaming.

“Look, everybody can get off with different things. A lot of people feel as if they’re like coming out of their asshole and it becomes like, ‘Can I make somebody come out their ass?’ And it becomes this achievement.

If someone is creaming, we need to really first make sure that there’s not an STD, because sexually transmitted diseases can create so much mucus that it looks like someone is creaming, but they may have chlamydia or gonorrhea and not even know it. So the first thing, when someone says, ‘Oh, I’m a big creamer,’ I’m always like, ‘OK, well let’s first make sure there’s no STD.’

The second concern is that “people [who have anal sex] are douching a lot, and they’re over-douching.” Over-douching leads to excess mucus production. This “causes so much damage to the insides [that] the microbiome and the protective lining of our intestines actually gets washed away. And because things are so irritated, the body produces this mucus as a protection,” he said. “And that mucus becomes creamy and looks like cum, and people think, Oh, it’s sexy and it’s creamy, but it’s actually not only over-douching, it’s using the wrong substance to clean out.”

So what did we just get from that?  If you’re a creamer, it could be an STD/STI, could be the wrong douching procedure, or it could be that your bum, when irritated by something repetitively driving in and out of it, is producing its own shiny happy lube. Creaming is nothing to be ashamed of.


And yes, there are some that are using the thicker lubes or even lubes used for fisting to have it look like they are the master of all tops and making all men cream.  And then there are the ones using thicker cocks and trying to park the whole thing inside making your hole respond wetly. But I am still stuck on this butter churning thing. 

It’s always good to learn more about our bodies, sex, and what goes into and comes out of your holes. And now, I may have a new item to put into my key words search later tonight. 


Do we dare ask your first thoughts on creaming?  When you saw it or when you creamed for the first time?  That might get pretty colorful.  But it might be healthy, too, as creaming seems to be becoming that is less taboo, not so much main stream (in the videos) yet, but it’s getting out there in the gay culture a little more, thanks to the ride in home grown (or groan) porn.  Maybe we’ll even hear Lil Nas X educate us all about creaming? After all, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Lil Wayne educated us back in 2015 on what truffle butter is.

In the case of Nicki Minaj’s song, “Truffle Butter” is not referring to the gourmet butter that is created by infusing tiny pieces of truffles, a very rare and edible mushroom. Truffle butter is created when a man pulls his penis out of the anus and immediately inserts it into a woman’s vagina — without cleaning if off. During vaginal intercourse, a tan secretion is created as a result of orgasm. Secretion, or fluid, forms around the base of the penis as a result of going from anal to vaginal sex. It’s a mixture of waste, vaginal fluid, and semen. This is known as truffle butter. – madamenoire.com

Source:  Buzzfeednews  ,  madamenoire.com

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