Will this superhero be in the next X-Men movie?

A superhero that teabags his enemies into submission?  Sounds like a great way to end a gay Halloween costume contest.  Well, no, I didn't personally film this clip in any back room, but found it on ANTITWINK.COM . Matty Gltterati from that page writes;


This showed up on my wall the other day and I couldn’t help share it with the world! This is a superhero I can get behind… or in front of… I mean, he kills his enemies by t-bagging them!!! Can you really ask for more in a crime fighter? Okay, maybe some neon in the spandex and we are set… but until then… CRAZY ASAIN, BALL FIGHTING MAN!!!  – ANTITWINK.COM

It's a little off the wall and a pretty entertaining clip.  It shows us how to convert our tighty whities into the Borat style as well as a face mask.  Will this superhero be in the next X-Men movie?  I doubt he'll make the cut, but for now, we have this clip to play over and over.




Wondering about it's origin, I tracked the clip down to someone's Facebook page, but that is as far as I could get.  I have no idea if this was a full feature film or even a series.  Would  I be interested in watching more? Maybe.  It would be interesting to see if he has any other super powers besides his sedating scrotum and a jet packed butt plug (how else could he fly across the room like that).  I'm not sure the subtitles would shed any light on it, but is this superhero even gay or does he just know the power of a good set of balls?



I'll keep popping over to ANTITWINK.COM to see what other off the wall things they may share.  But it's not just off the wall things that are posted there and it's not the websites focus at all. My friend Ernie, the mastermind behind many things, including ANTITWINK writes in the ABOUT section of his website;

 When I started AntiTwink in 2007, it wasn’t about hating twinks. It was, and still is, a different concept entirely.  It came from a group of young skinny gay dudes that got lumped into a label that didn’t fit them.  It came from those of us that look all sweet and innocent on the outside, but inside we’re more like a moshpit.  It’s those of us who have more sex pistols mp3s than Britney ones- the wierdos, the outcasts, and honestly we’re more like the twink version of the antichrist than anything else.  We are the young gay guys that probably aren’t waiting in line for Gaga tickets, normally we’re too busy checking out some actual downtown performance art.  Or protesting something, yeah we’re those guys too. – ANTITWINK.COM

The site is based out of NYC, covers many events in NYC, but has information from all over.  I do enjoy their Spank Bank section as well as their Vine Round-Ups that are usually 50% NSFW. 


So maybe this video breaks down some of the definitions of a superhero and ANTITWINK is working to show that external labels like twink are extremely shallow for they bring up a mindset that doesn't fit everyone of that body structure.  I one-thousand percent agree. It makes me want to start an ANTIBEAR.COM website since most people feel I should act like the stereotypical bears and hang out with just bears at bear events, cruises, and bars and other bears get mad at me when I don't find them physically appealing.  But that is ammo for another blog.





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2 thoughts on “Will this superhero be in the next X-Men movie?”

  1. It is Called Henti kemen it
    It is Called Henti kemen it is based off a Japanese Manga. He gets his powers by putting on a girls panties.

  2. The movie is called ” Hentai

    The movie is called " Hentai Kamen ". Its a live action movie from Japan.  There are also anime versions too 


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