Willam Releases Hilarious Holiday Video Called ‘HO HO HO HO’

The top comment on Willam's new holiday video for "HO HO HO HO" reads as follows:  "One of my uncle's dolphins died yesterday so I really needed this pick me up this morning thank you Willam!!"  

RuPaul's Drag Race legend Willam, who is one of the rumored queens to be on All Stars 3 (fingers crossed), has released yet another hilarious music video that has left us holiday gagging in the best way possible.

After the success of her other songs like "Boy is a Bottom" and the Spanish version of that track "Es Una Pasiva", Willam is bringing it home for the holidays with "HO HO HO HO."

The censored version is listed below, so if you want to see the uncensored version with all the bells and whistles (like the gogo boy's actual asses), then click here. Otherwise, enjoy three minutes of one of the most original (and naughty) holiday songs we have ever heard.

Love you Willam. 



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