Willam Talks About Being a Mean Gay, His Drag Career, and ‘A Star is Born’

Willam is by far one of the most memorable contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race who has infamously gone down in herstory for being disqualified from Season 4 of the show with the cult following. At the time, it was possibly the biggest gag the show had ever seen and it left people questioning.

Fast forward to seven seasons later, we have gotten to know Willam Belli in more detail and have learned that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of Drag Race that fans would be shocked to know. Willam has been very open about his own experience with the show and asserts he is not the only one who has had negative experiences with the show and RuPaul himself.

Willam’s opinions of the show and mother Ru do not disqualify him from his professional life, however. His love of drag and close connection to many of the Ru girls has led him to produce and co-host the podcast Race Chaser next to All Stars 2 winner Alaska. The two have deconstructed every episode of the show, starting from season one, and have given their insight and play-by-play with the occasional guest popping in to add to the shenanigans and bafoonery.



Prior to being on Drag Race, Willam was already a working actor with a padded resume. He appeared in a haunting role on Nip/Tuck among some other walk-on roles on Southland, Criminal Minds, and Arrested Development (uncredited). Life after the race has elevated Willam’s career as an actor, independent recording artist, and drag entertainer. Aside from his music, Willam has landed roles on Netflix’s animated series Super Drags, Hurricane Bianca, and in Oscar-nominated A Star is Born alongside Lady Gaga.

But I am so excited about Willam’s current project where he will step into the plastic heels and portray Willam George in Peaches Christ’s parody, Mean Gays–a role that Willam was born to play. I mean–raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by Willam!

In the way that only Peaches Christ can, Mean Gays is the adaptation of the cult classic Mean Girls starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. It’s a flick that has been gift to the world, giving us countless quotable treasures that are used cross-generational such as:











Willam is going to SLAY as the queen bee of the plastics!

After the smash success of her Troop Beverly Heels premiere tour with Trixie Mattel in 2018, drag icon Peaches Christ is starting off 2019 by paying tribute to one of the most fan-requested movies in the history of Peaches Christ Productions.

Joining Willam on the six-city tour of Mean Gays is Kim Chi who will play Kimmy Chi, a home-schooled transfer student from South Korea, Peaches Christ as Peaches “Swallows” Wieners, and Laganja Estranja as unnaturally blonde stoner Laganja Smith.

It’s survival of the fiercest queen when Kimmy Chi arrives at an American high school that is ruled by a drag queen girl-gang The Plastics headed by the ring leader Willam George and her clueless army of skanks.



The tour kicks off in San Francisco (2/23) and hits Seattle (2/27), Portland (3/1), Chicago (3/3), Denver (3/5), before rounding off in Los Angeles at the Montalban Theater on March 9th.

But is Willam REALLY a Mean Gay? There has been much speculated about the difficulty of working with Willam. The bitch works hard and does what she does to make a living and has been edited in a questionable way both on television and in life.

Willam shared this post last year with regard to his work ethic:



Instinct got a hold of Willam to learn more about the notorious queen in preparation for Mean Gays:

What are you most excited about for Mean Gays?

I’m excited to learn a script once and then have 6 gigs from it. We’re hitting SF, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Chicago and LA.

Which Mean Girls character do you identify with the most?

Karen. I used to do video music extra work with Amanda in like 2001. She was 17, I think. There was one for a metal video with the guy from Adema’s brother. Random right? L.A.

What’s something special you are going to bring to Regina George’s character?

I’m going to bring really, really choice fuckin footwear to all the shows

What’s your favorite memory from filming A Star is Born?

Getting to spend those days with Gaga was the best part. She told me that Bradley liked two of the jokes I was doing, but told me to flip ‘em around and that’s what ended up in the film. AND (bitch) the second day, someone starting rubbing my shoulders while we were resetting between takes and I looked over my shoulder and it’s Gaga. I was like “girl watch my wig.” The whole set was a dream come true and she knew EVERYONE’S name. A superstar in every facet talent wise and the coolest, downest gal in the world at the same time. The whole cast was dope. Sam fuckin’ Elliot. Bitch, I loved Tombstone growing up.

If you could be on any current series right now, what would it be?

I would love to compete on Teen Jeopardy. But look out for me on HGtv’s House Hunters this Spring with my friend @DJPastaBody 🙂

In the spirit of Marie Kondo, who isn’t sparking joy for you right now?

The Orange one.

Is it safe to say that you would NEVER do Drag Race All Stars if invited back?

No comment.

Any advice for drag queens aspiring to be a Ru girl?

Do something that they haven’t seen before to get noticed & fuck a producer.  

How are things currently between you and RuPaul?

The world is wide enough for everyone to exist. It was nice seeing him at the A Star is Born premier. He was like 2 rows in front of me. Great movie huh? <wink>

What are some of your upcoming projects? New music?

I got a youtube station that I have misadventures and things on that has my new visualish album. A couple film festivals this spring. Y’know little cute gigs here and there. they’re on my website. 🙂 OH and a podcast Race Chaser with Alaska that lets you taste the Race each week. Go listen to that.

Anything else you’d like to share with the Instinct readers?

Girl I used to shoplift Instinct from the Barnes & Noble in Merritt Island FL and now B&N outta business. hands up if you used to sneak it?

Mean Gays audience members are encouraged to wear PINK as they embark on a side-splitting comedy that will make you lose three pounds.

This is going to be me on the downlow at the premiere in Los Angeles:


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