Watch The Trailer For Willam’s Court Room Show

Image via OutTV & Entertainment Weekly

Is Willam coming for Judge Judy?

Recently, Entertainment Weekly dropped the trailer for Iconic Justice. The new streaming series stars Drag Race and Big Brother alum Willam as she takes the world to court. More specifically, Willam judges people in cases over “kink-shaming, racist micro-aggressions, professional jealousy in the gay nightlife scenes, and so much more.” Plus, executive producer Topher Cusumano promises the show “is what would happen if Judge Judy and John Waters had an aggressively gay baby.”


As Willam said in an official statement when the trailer dropped, “Going on TV just to judge people? I’ve been training my whole life for this gig. Seriously though, no one teaches you how to be queer, so for all the stupidity and fun on the show, there’s actually real advice too and that’s something I’m proud of.”

On top of that, Judge Willam is joined by bailiff Matthew Camp and court reporters Nicky Monet and Andrea Coleman. Iconic Justice was also produced by the Daddy TV team (the same team behind the reality competition show Slag Wars).

If you want to watch Iconic Justice, the show is currently airing through OutTV’s Apple TV+ channel.

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