Williams Admits His Ignorance And Homophobia Cost Him A Second Date

Real Housewives Of New York City rookie Eboni K. Williams is single and ready to mingle… as long as the man she’s mingling with isn’t Homophobic!

Credit: Eboni K. Williams’ Instagram

Williams, 37, who is the first Black woman to be a full time cast member on the New York franchise, recently shared on her podcast “Holding Court”, that she recently went on a date with a 51 year old successful man. She explained to her co-host Dustin Ross, that the date was going really well… until a few men who were very likely to be members of the LGBTQ+ community, walked by.


Williams says the entire mood of her date (and the evening) changed. She details how he became irritated and disgusted at how the men were dressed, commenting on how tight their clothes were and implying that their presence is ruining his night. He admitted to Williams, on their very first date that he was in fact a homophobe.

“I mean damn bro, your shorts have to be that tight bro…

Damn your shorts have to be that little. Damn I get it you gay, but you doing a lot you fucking up my experience…

You fucking up my vibe.”


Williams says she was immediately offended by the blatant ignorance of her date. But she was more than happy that the man exposed his true colors on the first date. She went on to tell Ross that this type of ignorance will not only force you to get ‘canceled’, possibly affecting your income – but it certainly won’t get you a second date with her.

“Listen, you know what the good Maya Angelou says – people will tell you exactly who they are and you have to believe them…

It’ll cost you a second date with EKW. Don’t be out on any date with me… talking no reckless sh*t with me, I’m not into it at all. Fu*k out of here with that.”

Williams may have received some backlash for her debut season on RHONY – but you certainly have to respect anyone who is a true advocate for equality. Not only is she a loud and proud supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement but it’s nice to know she is an ally to the LGBTQ+ community as well.

So Instincters, what has a man done on the first date that made the second date impossible?

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