Wilton Manors Celebrates ‘Wicked Manors’ With 30,000+ In Attendance

I moved to Fort Lauderdale in August of 2013 toget away from the cold.  I knew that I would miss many things from home, one of them being Halloween in Ogunquit, Maine at Mainestreet. But moving to the south, I knew I would have some different options like visiting my brother in New Orleans for Halloween or driving down to stay with friends in Key West for Fantasy Fest.  But one of the new southern options would be happening just 1 mile from my home, Wicked Manors. 

This is my third year going to Wicked Manors and I'm not sure I'll make it to NOLA or KW.  The fun here of just walking around the blocked off 9 blocks or so of Wilton Drive amongst 30,000+ fellow Halloweeners with probably 75%+ in costume is epic. 

I didn't pay attention to the stands or the contests, but what I did notice was that this year, no food trucks were in attendance.  Bring the food trucks back and it would have been a perfect night.  Apparently to purchase alcohol on the street one had to buy tickets from one booth and then go in another line to turn the tickets into booze.  We decided to go into the many bars on the drive, and wait in what was usually one shorter line than outside. 

I never claim to be a writer nor a photographer.  It is what it is and I do what I do.  There are a great many sites of pics from last night ( this being one of them, once-upon-a-drive-wilton-manors-halloween-2015-block-party), but here are some of the candid pics I took of the night.

Thanks Wilton Manors for a great night!  Make your plans for next year to be here!





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    • Nope. ┬áDecided to experience

      Nope.  Decided to experience Halloween in New Orleans this year but not the gay sections .  So much fun! 


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