Winter Weather, Morning Coffee, Boys & Their Balls

Tyler James
Tyler James (image via Instagram)

Rounding up some of our favorite Instagram posts this week beginning with Tyler James, who was ready for some clothing optional “adventure and coffee” up in the mountains…

…while Maluma enjoyed his morning coffee indoors:

Kevin Davis likes the holiday weather with Starbucks…

…while Ivan enjoys Alaska winters his own way:

Sterling Walker loves his L.A.:

Andreฬs Camilo and Max Emerson chilled at home:

Aldo was feeling disco-tastic:

Sam Cushing was ‘all bundled up’ in Chicago…

…and Matt Pappadia wore a hat:

Out pro wrestler Anthony Bowens celebrates 32 trips around the sun today:

Ben Tsai drank his milk:

Jordan joined Kyle for a nap:

Petr Hollesch got some puppy love:

Boys and their balls…amiright?

Brett Morse got his sexy Santa on:

And Austin Wolf was tanning in Tulum:

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