Wisconsin: Gay Man Attacked & Beaten By Three Men

(photo: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay)

Cedrick Green of Racine, Wisconsin, has been arrested for a hate crime charge of battery – great bodily harm, plus two incidents of jumping bail.

The Journal Times reports that the victim of the assault, which took place on July 29, told police he was attacked by three men who called him “gay” and “taunted him for his sexual orientation.”

At one point in the assault, the victim was able to distance himself from the three men and ran to a nearby gas station for safety.

The victim suffered injuries to his face, jaw, left arm and left knee. But the injuries to the victim’s jaw were so severe, according to the police complaint “it required all of his teeth to be removed from his mouth.”

Green, 23, was positively identified from a photo lineup by the victim. 

Cedrick Green (mugshot)

He is now being held on $10,000 bail, and he made his first appearance in court on Monday, October 7. He is scheduled to return to court on October 17.

In addition to the hate crime battery charge, Green had previously been arrested on misdemeanor charges in an unrelated incident. He’d been released on bail with the condition that he not commit any more crimes.

Green also has prior convictions for theft, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of THC and resisting an officer, according to the Journal Times.

The two other assailants have not been identified at this time.

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