With A Name Like Prada, He’s Got To Be Good


We've been watching this man's eyebrows for some time now.  He's been tagging us on our Instagram account (instinctmagazine) and we LOVE IT!

So we reached out to @gprada – Giovanni Prada by dropping him a quick message on his Insta and to our happiness, he picked up, even though he was packing for a trip to Hawaii. 

Instinct:  Ooh! Fun!  Hawaii! Okay, we'll make this first chat quick … Explain that milk man costume … and the milk doesn't look like milk. 

Giovanni: Adam, milk does the body good. and so does the milkman … and I may have put a little Bailey's in my milk so I can share at the Halloween party.






Got Milk?

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Nice, speaking of liquids, is Veuve in your blood? They giving you free sh..stuff yet?

Haha, there's never a bad time to have a glass of Veuve. They also know how to throw a fashionable party.  Ever been?

I have not, no. I need to make time for one. 






The scene is hot hot hot!! #VCPoloClassic

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Veuvin’ my ass off! #VCPoloClassic

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What's the CrossFit stat you are most proud of?

I'm most proud of my 405 pound squat and my 36:32 minute Murph. 



I don't want to take up too much of your time, but you have some hypnotic eyebrows. Are you a single gay man or are you just into having cats sit on your bum, an unknown/unnamed fetish.

I'm happily married 8 years now and he cats… I don't know.  Maybe there's a natural attraction to my bum.  Must be the squats. 






Found a kitty on my booty #catdad

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#kitty #bffs

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Haha.  Congrats. And Boo!  He better pay homage to those brows. One final text. What's the occasion for the trip to Hawaii and where is either your favorite place to vacation or your most epic vacation?

Hawaii has some great surf and can't beat the island life. It's a nice escape during the hectic holidays.  Epic? I prefer a quiet meditation retreat alone. You know, some me time. 






Dreamin’ of being back in #Mexico today. Papa needs a margarita

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The pic of you in the glasses, is that your husband?

I think my husband married me just for my eyes, lol.  Yeah, that's Ryan.



Haha. Nice. Last question. What is your favorite pic on your Insta?

Lol, does video count?  I crack myself up with my flossing dance video in PV. I may have been a little tipsy.

OMG. I was so posting that one no matter what you said.  It's hilarious. And shows off your hips. 

Colombian hips don't lie.

Hips are Colombian … what part of you is Italian?

*shh and wink emoji*







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We actually chatted a little more and I concluded with wishing him a great holiday season.  Surf, husband, and Hawaii, we're sure he will be just fine.

Making new friends through Instagram, it can be done.


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