With Drama Like This, We Have To Ask – What Year Is It Again?

**Warning: Spoilers for episodes 2 and 3 of Bad Boys Club. Beware if you’re behind or planning on watching in the future.

Zeus Network’s latest reality show, Bad Boys Club, is providing more depth in its first season than I was expecting. You know the drill; a group of disobedient men are placed in a mansion together to see how they’ll act when left to their own devices. Between the screaming, drinking, fighting and trying to prove who’s the boldest to earn more camera time, a storyline is developing in the second and third episode which encourages an important discussion. Yes, it seems like the “gay vs straight” debate still rages in certain social circles. As it pertains to Bad Boys Club, currently airing new episodes weekly on Zeus Network, it all started with the same question – “do you like guys or girls?”


The house division was started when the two confirmed straight men in the house, Moolah and Curtis, began questioning the other men and demanding they officially declare their sexuality on camera. Their reason being, of course, so they felt comfortable in the house knowing who they could get close to. The “I don’t care if you’re gay, just don’t hit on me” defense was in full swing until they questioned Kerrion, the son of 16x Grammy Award winner Kirk Franklin. Kerrion stood his ground of ambiguity, stating it doesn’t matter if he’s heterosexual or homosexual because he’s the same person and level of respect shouldn’t be gaged based on sexuality.

This ruffled the feathers of Moolah and Curtis because, allegedly, the three men had a friendly conversation and Kerrion touched one of them while speaking. Oh, the horror. Moolah and Curtis demanded to know Kerrion’s sexuality because now they were unsure if the pat was engaging conversation or flirtation. After repeated prodding, Kerrion literally came out swinging, insinuating that Moolah and Curtis were closeted gays and their obsession with everyone’s sexuality was based on their own inner struggle. This infuriating comment drove Moolah to assault Kerrion, which became a 2×1 when Curtis jumped into the fray. Luckily, Milan, another cast member on the show, was there to sneak Curtis a two-piece in return.

While I’m at it, can we please address how smoking hot Milan is?


After the fight was diffused by security, rapper and creator of the first black, gay superhero Milan and reality icon and executive producer Natalie Nunn tried to engage the house in a conversation of understanding. Nunn stated to both sides of the debate that it’s OK to be uncomfortable and it’s OK to ask questions, because how is anyone going to learn and grow from staying in the same place. She stated that it’s important to understand where both sides are coming from. Milan brought up a more realistic point of view – men segregating based on gay vs straight is no different than segregation based on black vs white. Milan eloquently described his thoughts that you can’t combat hatred with hatred in your heart. Another cast member, Anthony, pointed out that some men may not be comfortable admitting their gay because you can be attacked while walking down the street just for being gay.  

When the house failed to come to an amicable conclusion, Natalie Nunn called it a night and ordered the men to sleep it off. In the morning, most of the house were still unsettled by the attempted outings. Now with a little calm in their system, Milan, Moolah and Curtis tried to hash out their differences to no avail. When Kerrion, Moolah and Curtis attempted the same thing, it had more disastrous consequences. Moolah and Curtis kept trying to out Kerrion for a second day in a row, prompting Kerrion to once again fire back that his two haters were obsessed with which body parts he likes and their closeness off the bat appears, well, a little gay. When the conversation failed to move in a positive direction, Kerrion threatened future violence against his two co-stars because of the attack he received the previous night. 

Despite saying they love the gay community, Moolah and Curtis continued to be homophobic the following night. Natalie Nunn arranged for the Bad Boys Club to attend a Hollywood event… at a bowling alley? When one of their cast members, William, danced too close for comfort, Moolah and Curtis left the event early while calling William “fruity.”


It’s yet to be seen if this problem will be resolved, but it should stir conversation. If you guys have made it to the end of this summary, what do you think about what’s happening in the house? Do you see both sides of the argument? Is one side definitely wrong? (yes) Comment here or on Facebook and Twitter and let me know where you stand. And if you made it to the end of this post, here’s more pictures of Milan… because god damn, he’s fine!

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