With #RestinPiss Trending Over Limbaugh’s Death, We Say …

President Donald Trump presented Rush Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the State of the Union address on Feb. 4, 2020. By The White House

When we at Instinct heard that Rush Limbaugh passed away today, we all read the news, but most of us said, “nope, biting my tongue” or “not going to do it.” We should not celebrate the death of someone, no matter how evil and awful that person has been to our community.

Then I realized, when the F#^k did Rush Limbaugh ever care about any of our LGBTQ+ feelings. When da fuk!


I remember I was driving over to New Orleans from Fort Lauderdale, it was a 12 1/2 hour drive.  I looked on the map to see where I may find an acceptable city to stop north of Orlando, just to break up the trip over two days.  I looked for cities/towns/areas with a gay bar and found one that had a gay night one night of the week.  That’s when I decided to make the drive in one day. I left early in the morning and headed north.  Just past Orlando, the scenery definitely changes, it is a different Florida and all the radio stations seem to be republican. I hadn’t had SiruisXM turned on in the car for some time, so I was a hostage of local broadcasts. For the next 6 hours or so of the drive, I listened to republican talk radio as I took it as my chance to see how the other side lived and I knew it would surely keep me up, awake, and full of disgust for the backwards thinking that was being shared across the radio waves.  My trip could not have happened at a more opportune time to hear the GOP fodder on the airwaves as this was the week before trump won the November 2016 presidential election, so you know the stuff was getting piled high. But what I did notice was that whatever Rush Limbaugh said, Sean Hannity read from the same page. You could actually hear all of them shaking around the papers like they were passing notes from one another in NonEthics 101 – How To Be G.O.P. class. And there was a third blowhard that read the same script, but I forget his name.  I’m not sure why all three didn’t get the Congressional Medal of Freedom as they all said the same exact thing over and over and over.

All I heard on that stretch from Orlando, Florida to Mobile, Alabama was hatred, stupidity, ignorant bias, love for a scoundrel of a presidential candidate.  I believe that was my first and last time listening to those individuals, but I know what they stand for, since I’m part of the Libtard Media and a homosexual. Yep,  offensive I know, but just using the words a Congressional Medal of Freedom winner has added to the ‘Merkan vernacular. So it’s approved by one of our bestest presidents. 

So, about that #RestinPiss resonating on social media, mainly on Twitter. Here are some of the #RestinPiss tweets.  There are so many and they are multiplying like crazy.




 But the chatter about Limbaugh’s death is everywhere. Reports are all over Facebook with the old republican guard on there commenting, “someone died, take your hurtful words somewhere else.”  Yes Carin, Karyn, Caren, Caryn, Caja, Kaja, Karena, Kerena, and Karen, someone did die, but that person never showed that they had a kind bone in their body. 

So no, I will not shout #RestinPiss at the news that Rush Limbaugh has left the airwaves, but I will not correct people from stating how they feel after losing someone so great at sharing his hatred, someone that was so wonderful in dividing our nation that he had to be given a medal for his nonpartisan ways, someone that only spewed disgust and shame toward our community, and someone that degraded the intelligence of ‘Merika.  I can see where these #RestinPiss posters are coming from.  I can see they have nothing good to say about the man at all. So, instead, they are tweeting their praise of the nation’s loss. I guess this is something that donald trump did for us as he led by example with his Twitter hatred.  Thanks donald and goodbye rush.

These are the thoughts of this instinct writer and may not be the thoughts of other writers or the magazine. 


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