Within Hours Alleged Perpetrator’s Social Media Went Dark

Student reported to be Conner Murray defaces mural expressing support for LGBTQ people
(screen captures via Twitter)

In a video currently making its way around social media, a Brigham Young University student defaced a mural featuring messages of support and empathy for the LGBTQ community.

The incident apparently took place at the south entrance to Brigham Young University.


At the end of the short clip, he throws in for good measure “faggots go to hell.”

BYU student Connor Murray, saying “faggots go to hell,” while defacing chalk messages of love and solidarity with the LGBTQ community on campus.


This happened just a short time after Jeffrey Holland, an Elder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, addressed faculty and staff at BYU criticizing folks for not strenuously defending the church’s position on same-sex marriage.

Holland was also still upset about Matthew Easton who came out as gay during his valedictorian speech at BYU in 2019.

The sad young man has reportedly been identified by several on social media as Conner Ray Murray, who is reportedly attending BYU. His Facebook and LinkedIn pages have already been blocked.

BYU officials have responded on Twitter saying they are looking into the matter.


Here is what others had to say about the incident.











BYU student Conner Murray reportedly defaced messages of support for LGBTQ students

10 thoughts on “Within Hours Alleged Perpetrator’s Social Media Went Dark”

  1. He says “faggots go to hell” and then others say “I hope he throws himself off a tall building”. WTF? I don’t agree with what he said but the angry mob trying to ruin his life is a little extreme! Why isn’t the angry mob after the person that said he hopes he throws himself off a tall building? That seems like at least as vile and hateful? Somebody says some stupid stuff once and then the internet angry mob has to try and destroy their life? Why did this even have to be shared? Should I start posting videos of everyone that says mean stuff to me?

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  3. Oh, PLEASE. If Connor was Black with his pants hanging down to his knees there wouldn’t be this “forgiveness” because he’s supposedly in the closet. Are gays so vain that we can’t even assign blame without an excuse because the perp is “cute”

  4. Connor Murray is simple to figure out.

    Connor Murray is a homosexual who reallllllly doesn’t want to be a homosexual.

    It would be a sympathetic situation if he wasn’t such a loser.

    Good luck getting any job outside of the mormon church, Connor Murray. You’re going to need it.

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  7. He is just mad because his boyfriend broke up with him because he was way to feminine. Sorry Connor but your gay! Always have been and always will be. Time to come out of the closet girl. Trying to act like your jerk off idol, Colton Underwood isn’t going to change the fact that you suck cock. I as well as many others have signed a petition to have you expelled.


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