Woman Discusses Life With Her Husband’s Boyfriend

Would you allow your husband to date?

Monogamous relationships are still prominent, but more and more I continue to read and witness other couple's thriving with their open relationships.

I won't lie, I dated someone on and off for five years. It was open, it had to be- we eventually became long distance. It made me wonder: What is truly the foundation of a long lasting relationship? Sex? Intimacy? Trust? Freedom? Dependence? I wish I had the answer.

While browsing Prevention, Ronnie Koenig interviewed a married female who admits she's fallen in love with her husband's boyfriend.

Yes, you've read that correctly. The interviewee, who goes unnamed, states that she introduced "Oscar" to her husband, "Paul", and the two of them formed a sexual relationship. The woman was well aware of Paul's bisexuality.

The article reads:

"I was extremely skeptical at first. I figured that if a guy was with another guy, that meant he was gay. My friends told me I was crazy to think otherwise, but the way Paul kissed me and handled my body that night in my apartment, I knew for sure that even if he liked guys, he was very much into women too—and really into me."

Eventually, the married couple asked "Oscar" to date them both. They now live in Poly-Harmony.

"Of course I sometimes still feel insecure, like last week when I came home from a trip and found Paul and Oscar in bed together watching Netflix. I wasn't jealous about the sex but rather the intimacy. But then Paul and I still have a lot of our own special moments, and so do the three of us. It's not a traditional marriage by any means, but it works for us. As long as we are all happy, Paul and I have no plans to stop seeing Oscar. We're not sure if we want to have kids yet, but if we ever do, Oscar would be an amazing uncle!"

Would you be fine with letting your the person you've married date other people?

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