Woman Goes Blind Thanks To BF’s Gay Lover

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A Filipino woman is now blind after being attacked by her boyfriend’s male lover.

When 27-year-old Glory Cuerda found out that her boyfriend John Rey Garay, 30, had an affair with another man named Ramon “Mona” Colada, also 30, she wasn’t happy. But, she thought the affair was offer. Unfortunately for her, it wasn’t.

According to Metro, Cuerda was lured, on July 20th, by Colada to the back of a shopping center where she and her boyfriend worked in Pasay City. Colada had lied that he was giving back some possessions of Garay’s after “breaking up.” Unfortunately for Cuerda, Colada has more dangerous plans in store.

“This was the first time I saw my boyfriend’s gay lover,” said Cuerda. “He even cried to me and told me how he loves John Rey so much. He said that they had been together the whole time I had been also dating him. I went to the back entrance with him because he told me he brought some of John Rey’s belongings.”

It was then that Colada threw acid in her face.

“I felt my face melting. I couldn’t see anything. I just wanted gallons of water to wash my face. It hurt so bad.”

According to the Sun, Colada was arrested in his hometown in the province of Bicol shortly after. As he told the ViralPress, he regrets the relationship and everything he did.

“I did something wrong because of him. I even forgot my family so I can be with him. I owed a lot of money because of him. I am really sorry. I can’t even sleep at night.”

For Glory Cuerda, this attack could mean the permanent loss of her eyesight. An alkali burn is one of the worst things that could happen to the eyes, but proper, and probably expensive, medical care could possibly save the woman’s sight. Time will tell.

h/t: Metro, The Sun

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