Woman pretends to have abortion, sells baby to gay friend

It has been three years since a Scotland mother has given birth to a child that wasn't supposed to be.  Her deceptions have landed her and a gay friend behind bars.

A mother in Scotland who pretended to have an abortion so she could secretly give the baby to a gay friend has been jailed for three years.  The woman’s 35-year-old friend – who raised the baby as his own for three years before the deception was discovered – was also jailed for the same period, the Telegraph reports. – attitude.co.uk

This may have been okay of there wasn't a third party involved, the biological father of the child.  Imagine if you were told that your partner was going to have an abortion. I am sure that would be traumatic enough for both involved, but then to live for the next three years thinking that the abortion did not happen and you have a healthy child out there somewhere?  He as well has moved on and is married to a different woman.

 During the six-day trial at Perth Sheriff Court last month, the jury heard that the 29-year-old woman told the child’s father she had terminated the pregnancy, before giving the baby to her friend, who wanted a child of his own.  The court also heard that the woman may have actually sold the baby to the co-accused for as little as £100.  The pair signed a birth certificate and claimed to be the child’s natural parent, before setting up fake social media accounts for a woman they claimed had been used as a surrogate.  Jailing the pair, Sheriff William Wood said: “In all respects this was an elaborate and cynical scheme. – attitude.co.uk

I remember my father was on my jeep's title.  In order for me to have complete ownership of the vehicle, we made a bill of sale fore $1.00.  Is this the same thing?  To make the whole child trafficking legit let's sell the baby from one party to another for £100?  But wait, both defendants in this case signed the birth certificate as legitimate and natural parents, but then they make up a surrogate story on social media?  I guess the government doesn't keep track of everything. 

The girl’s real father – who has since taken since taken custody of the little girl – reportedly shouted “Yes” as the sentences were handed down. Speaking after the trial last month he said he was “over the moon” with the verdict adding: “It’s going to take years and years of battle to try and make my daughter understand. That’s the biggest part of it that hasn’t really been in the case, the emotional trauma for my little girl. “What they did was pure evil. They must have known the effect this would have on my daughter and me and they still went through with it.” – attitude.co.uk

There seems to be many issues coming out of this case.  The biological parents must have parted ways after the "abortion" since he did not know she gave birth or did the mother have this plan the whole time, even pre-pregnancy?  Was she looking for a sperm donor and then was to fake the abortion in order to help her friend have a child of his own?  Did the illegal gay parent know all aspects of the deception?

And just one more thought.  How much of a fight was there when the biological father learned about the plan to have an abortion?

What do you think?