Wonder Woman 1984 Set Photos Reveal Signs About The 1980s AIDS Crisis

Everyone’s excited for the beginning of production for the sequel to DC’s Wonder Woman.

When it was revealed that the title of the sequel would be Wonder Woman 1984, many wondered why that specific year was chosen.

Now that production for the movie is underway, some official (and unofficial) set photos have been released online and they are very telling.

While the official photo of Gal Godot as the titular character doesn’t tell us much other than giving us a few 1980s references, like one for National Lampoon, the second photo reveals that Chris Pine's Steve Trevor will be returning.

But what will soon get many talking is the breaking news that the film will be addressing (to what degree, we don’t yet know) the AIDS crisis.

This would make sense as 1984 happens to be the year that the United States publicly recognized the AIDS virus.

While it's possible that the "Silence=Death" signs are just a backdrop for the time period, its exciting to see acknowledgment of the epidemic in the film.

Today is the first day of production for Wonder Woman 1984, so this is a cool revelation for us fans to get right out of the gate. We’ll have to see what else we can discover as production moves forward.

What do you think?