‘Wonder Woman’ Hunk Chris Pine Thanks Ballet For His Ripped Physique

Wonder Woman actor Chris Pine is primed for a blockbuster year, as two major films he stars in – The Contractor and All The Old Knives – have just been released.



The chiseled hunk has been a Hollywood heartthrob since he starred alongside Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. According to Men’s Health

“Dubbed ‘his generation’s Robert Redford’ just this week by Slate, you’re more likely to find him going viral as an accidental book influencer than you are to see him posting his workouts to social media.”


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However, the Star Trek actor, 41, is now going viral for his workout regimen. A workout regimen you might be surprised about…

When asked by People magazine about the last time he danced, the This Means War star answered,

“A week ago. I’m taking ballet classes. I love it. I wish I’d done it years ago. It’s an incredible workout. I just find it so beautiful because you have to be so strong and kind of masculine, so to speak, but also very gentle and feminine with your arms and your hands. It’s just a very difficult art form.”


Ballet? The more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Professional dancers can have some of the leanest, toned, ripped physiques. Natalie Portman took home an Oscar for Black Swan, and let’s not forget the underrated but adored ‘life at a ballet academy’ film Centerstage. Professional athletes and professional dancers are cut from the same cloth. 

Pine himself describes ballet as an “incredible workout,” and a “difficult art form.”



Pine was inspired to try ballet after seeing Russian dancer Sergei Polunin perform in Hozier’s Take Me To Church music video explaining,

“Who is this guy? I was like ‘I want to look like that. He’s a ballet dancer. And I was like, ‘I should take ballet.”

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