Wonder Woman’s Screenwriter, Shonda Rhimes, and Queer As Folk’s Creator Are Making A Show

The screenwriter for Wonder Woman is writing the American adaption of a show created by the man who made Queer As Folk, and it’ll be executive produced by Shonda Rhimes?

Yes, you’re right. That pitch is too beautiful for words.

Allan Heinberg is the gay writer who wrote the script for Wonder Woman, as well as episodes of Gilmore Girls, Looking, and Sex and the City. And now that his latest work has become such a huge successes, Heinberg is on to the next project.

And what’s that project? An American version of Cucumber and Banana.

Cucumber and Banana were two separate British tv shows that focused on gay men living in Manchester.

Cucumber was about a middle-aged gay man named Henry and his younger boyfriend named Lance. In addition, Banana was a half-hour show about all of the people in Henry’s life.

The shows were originally created by Russel T. Davies who created the original Queer As Folk, and was the first showrunner for the returned Doctor Who series.

In addition, the American version of the story, which currently doesn’t have a release date, will air on ABC and be executive produced by Heinberg, Davies, and Shonda Rhimes.

To help you look forward to the start of this new series, check out the first scene from Cucumber down below.



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