Woody Woodbeck Sounds Off On Miley Cyrus

Woody Woodbeck is an Emmy Nominated TV Producer who has a vast background in the Entertainment world working in radio, TV and print media.  He has garnered much attention after a few hit viral videos this past year (Call Me Maybe – Weho Queens Redux, Shit Weho Queens Say) and through his vast social media following. Woody can be found at www.twitter.com/hollywoody.


Dear Miley Cyrus Critics:
I gotta say I am baffled by the amount of negative energy people have been spending posting about Miley Cyrus lately. Being a fan and supporter of hers, I have been targeted by my social media family in both positive and negative ways over the matter and I have decided to write a little letter to the "haters" so to speak and address a few things:
1. Why in the hell do you care so damn much?  You are in no way directly involved with her career. You do not personally know her or being impacted by her career choices.  You are not a family member who should—in your words—"be concerned about her behavior." Get over it.  
2. Do you grown ass men really feel good about your comments & calling a 20-year-old girl words like "slut", "whore", "pig", "skank"? I mean really?  How many of you have younger sisters or nieces that are that age or near it. Would you ever call her or her friends those words or even tolerate someone doing the same? I think not. 
3. Lets get one thing straight: If you don't like her, fine. I get it. You're entitled to your opinion. If it's not your thing, then it's not your thing. BUT that doesn't give you a right to impose your depths of judgment onto her and it certainly doesn't make you the motherf'ing Clive Davis of music allowing you to somehow give her "career advice"—bitch please.  
4. If you think she isn't setting a good example for the "young people" in our world, then you need to lead by example. You need to be the positive reinforcement in those young growing minds in your life. You can certainly present to them how you feel about it and what you feel is right and wrong, but ultimately you should allow those young people to make their own judgment calls on things. Times are much different then they were years ago and kids are a bit more hip and smart about their own life choices.  
5. STOP! For the love of baby Jesus… comparing what happened 10, 20, 30 years ago to today doesn't translate! You're fighting a lost cause. 
6. On a personal note, I post about a lot of things. I have a lot of opinions and I am passionate about everything I believe in. But I don't go online calling someone names or judging them when they haven't done something that hasn't directly affected me.  Now when it comes to politicians who want to take away my rights or religious groups who think I should burn in hell for being a homosexual; they are open game because they are coming for ME, who and what I stand for, and those around me that I love. Miley Cyrus, her pop music and crazy entertainment antics don't do any of that. 
So, honey boo boo, Ms. Miley Cyrus—do your thing! Keep entertaining. Live your life. Don't be afraid to take risks. Don't let the hate overpower your life light. I'll be waving my foam finger from the sidelines with my tongue out.  
Much love and peace,
Woody 🙂

34 thoughts on “Woody Woodbeck Sounds Off On Miley Cyrus”

  1. I agree with Lexi, don’t

    I agree with Lexi, don't Fckin come to the Abbey bitch, look you are on Weho Confidential get your dead career and hide bcthh!!

  2. A person who lives, the

    A person who lives, the lowest of lowest life style a human been can have, should not be telling people what to think, he is a shame for the gay scene, it doesn't get more filthy …


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  4. @Karen… It would seem like

    @Karen… It would seem like you're the one who has spent too much time obsessing over Miley and her antics… BTW isn't watching t.v. a privilege, not a "right"? At least that's what I teach my children, so perhaps that's why I don't need to spend my time on various forums being "outraged for the children." It's also common sense for me to understand television programming and what is expected in VMA performances, MTV, VH1, etc…, so it's very easy for me to turn the channel to something more appropriate for my children if I feel something is crossing the line. It seems apparent you have the inability to do so. Start paying attention to your kids! You said that people who think the world revolves around celebrities are the biggest problem.. so please, take a look in the mirror.

    • Let me tell you something,my

      Let me tell you something,my kids donot tune into miley or any other trash in my house but my children do go outside my home and trash such as hers is very easily accesible and since I'm not with them always I can't control what they do , and my problem is not with the sluty way she dresses or other wise my only problem is her sexual suggestions and let me tell you something if your kids are old enough to go to outside your home without you then you don't know what hour children do and if you think you do then your funny and you wear blinders and if they aren't then you will certainly eat your words one day.im sick of people like you who say just don't watch it when you know kids will.sadly that's why so many kids suffer being bullied and much more because nobody wants to do nothing but set in their secure little world and blame the parents and that sir isn't going to help our young but if you feel good with blaming everyone but the one responsible then I'm big ok with that your the sad one 

  5. Wow it just doesn’t seem that

    Wow it just doesn't seem that complicated to me . Cyrus is an entertainer am, an artist . Her gig in the VMA's were hardly that bad , and if they were why Mr . Thick getting off scott free ? If as a parent you don't think your kid should see this stuff , then turn off the the TV . Now this Lexi person , wow , thanks for warning me about this wordy guy ! I've not met him yet , he is a friend of a friend . He must be very convincing , sorta like the gay Mussolini. Getting all of west Hollywood hooked on drugs and booze and whorish behavior ! And here I always thought it was the VIP roof top  bar at Koontz  was to blame ! Thanks for the warning ! Kaviat Emptor ( you do know that in Latin that means " waitress , the caviar is empty ! " CIO Lexy ! 

  6. OMG! These comments are

    OMG! These comments are insane? What kind of people write such hateful vitriol just because someone asked people to stop judging some chick so harshly. I've got very little time for Miley's current antics (but I've seen worse & far more serious bad behaviour from celebrities a lot older than her), I'm also not a fan of her music but I understand what the writer of this article is saying. He's asking grown men and women to behave like grown men and women instead of bitchy schoolyard bullies. Judging by the comments he's got I see his plea has fallen on deaf ears and the bullies have turned on the writer as well. Congrats! You suck at life.

    • I can say what I want I’m as

      I can say what I want I'm as free to express my opinion as miley is to show her ass.and obviously you aren't a parent and if you are wait till you get bit


      in the ass one day by your child imitating those they grew up respecting,and if not then you better remember your own wand I'm sick of people like you feeling like the best way to solve such thvulgar actions are to make the kids turn off tv .Well sir my kids have rights just as much right as her and is it to much to ask to rate trash as it should be.My gosh what's wrong with you people that you no longer care about kids.All you worry about are those that won't miss you if your gone tomorrow nor do they care. Do you all not see all the violence at our kids and a the sex and violence that's shoved in their faces don't help.Really people grow the hell up and concentrate on what's real your not going to gain by idolizing her though she will gain by your priorities in life being all wrong. You enjoy your thoughts and may it not bite you in the ass one day and you have to eat your words and I will fight for kids everywhere and their rights .enjoy your day

    • A person who lives, the

      A person who lives, the lowest of lowest life style a human been can have, should not be telling people what to think, he is a shame for the gay scene, it doesn't get more filthy ….

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  8. I have a lot of opinions

    I have a lot of opinions about Miley. I think she's got a lot of talent and potential but I can't handle the tongue thing!! What is with the tongue?! And I can do without the naked pictures… and guess what…here's the magic, I don't click on the link- and presto! I don't see the picture. I have managed to not even see the Miley twerking. It's not impossible!!!  Anyway, that's the great thing about people… Everyone is going to have an opinion. HOWEVER. If you are a parent and you are upset because a celebrity, and not just Miley, ANY celebrity, for that matter, doesn't fit into the box of what you think is a role model for your children, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. YOU are supposed to be the role model for your child. If you've been successful at it, a single VMA performance is not going to unravel "instilled morals" and the way in which you raised your child. And if it does, evaluate your parenting methods. BECAUSE if Miley Cyrus is the reason your child no longer behaves "the way they're supposed to", there are larger problems afoot. Take some responsibility and stop putting people in boxes. Celebrities AREN'T your children. Be a good parent. Pay attention to your children. Inform them, teach them, and talk to them. Then, you won't have time to be on the internet complaining about how someone else's child is corrupting yours.

    • Well them how do you know

      Well them how do you know about the pictures or tongue.my kids watched VMA for austin and one dir.so don't tell me they shouldn't watched it.VMA knew young girls would watch solely for these two and if you feel it was to much for them to warn parents of what was coming them sir you have the problem

    • and might I add that one

      and might I add that one performance is not what has gotten myself or other parents angry and it is people who think the world revolve around celebrities THAT ARE THE PROBLEM,and only you know if that's you and furthermore she started out decent and got the respect of these kids and got them looking up to her. NOT THE PARENTS.do you don't set out to earn your fortune by pulling children in then disrespecting them and showing them no values when you no longer need them.so in the future you might want to know the whole situation of these things before you go throwing your opinions and blame around 

  9. This old man who like Justin

    This old man who like Justin Bieber,  if wasn't all the trashy people he hangs out. That's the big problem, he doesn't work anymore because he fucked his reputation hanging out with bad people. Nobody trust him anymore, he fucked over. BYE WOOOO

  10. This woody is trying to get

    This woody is trying to get her like him, he stalk celebrity, he makes all this shit up, and all he does is drink all night every night. He support losers whores and drugs, that is what he supports the scum of gay community. You are a shame for all of us.

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  12. I hope all our young realize

    I hope all our young realize that using ones mind is far more rewarding .as far as grown men making comments to miley well sir your funny because she knows very well grown men are going to follow her because if the show she gives and the photos ,I mean really my 14 year old daughter was on twitter and saw a link to a site where miley posed for pictures and in those pictures she was so vulgar that it was funny my 80 year old mother was grossed out by her because she was so not pretty.now lets get real you ,her and the rest of us know grown men do enjoy looking and if you think it's awful of grown men to look at these photos could you tell me who you feel should view them or us it that you know our children will see them and those are the ones whom should view them in your opinion or who then.And we as parents have every right to be upset as my daughter was not aware of a drug name Molly before miss miley made it public and how good it was,and I'm sure my daughtet was not the only one or how good pot makes her feel,I wonder if the rest of us would make that statement if it would go unnoticed by authorities or throwing a cigarette out the window after wondering how all the fires get started.So bottom line is we made her and her daddy and we have every right to have out say as she has every right to act like her mind will get her nowhere only using her body but she has no right to do it in front of our young and people such as yourself need to put her and her appearances with a appropriate rating because no matter how any if you feel our children have rights and us the parents need to come together and demand rights for our children

  13. You sir are a hypocrite,you

    You sir are a hypocrite,you say we have nothing to go with Miley's career,well big shot where would she be without the same people you say have nothing go go with her.As a matter if fact where would you be without us common folks?How high and mighty would you be if no one watched your movies?And if you say Miley's family had money and she didnt need us ,you might want to remember there are ones like myself who remember a time when Billy Ray needed everyone and played in clubs depending on us to come support him as we did so Dont you forget WE put him where he is and you say Miley has a right to do as she wants and it is up to us parents to teach our children the wrongs,guess your saying Miley's parents didnt care if she turned out as she is or didnt have that talk you refer to.And you sir are wrong because when a girl like miley cyrus starts her career only by the admiration if our young children and sets her aim early on at winning the devotion of our young children no she does not have a moral right to disrespect these children who have made her what she is.If she act out her fantasies she has no right to do this in front of our children and anyone who disagrees with this sadly contributes to what's wrong with our world today.Many have said her VMA performance was right it was the fault of the parents for letting our children watch,well let me burst some bubbles ,many kids such as my own were not watching for her it was for austin,one direction,etc.so lets get real ,those in charge knew when these certain ones were going to appear and they have do many young girls follow every where they go that these young girls would be watching and I think there should have been a warning iof the content of Miley's performance before it came on,surely that isn't to much for you to agree with.I have tried to form a group that will insist if this is the material celebrities want to put out there then it should be done completely away from the eyes of our children and should not be easily viewed by our children.so why you may feel this behavior is ok it is not ok in front of our children.Some of us as parents still have morals and try to instill decency in our children and that's our right .We ALL know of the many obstacles our children face,all the violence that is aimed at innocent children,all the suicide of our young who try go measure up.And I'm  sorry for you or anyone who thinks using ones body to make money is ok ,

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  15. In this article: a grown man

    In this article: a grown man who is a self-proclaimed fan of Miley Cyrus lecturing other grown men for making fun of Miley Cyrus. Miley. Cirus.

    What have we become? Ugh.

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  17. For the record I fully

    For the record I fully support woody in everything he does and couldn't agree more with this article! Love you woody 

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  19. Wowza. A lot of HATE alllll

    Wowza. A lot of HATE alllll around in the comment section. Can't we all just order some pizza, bop to "Party in the U.S.A." and get along?! To those spewing vitriol: Opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one… that doesn't mean you have to be one to express yours. Happy Friday! 

  20. Ewww. The vile some people

    Ewww. The vile some people spew! I think this is well stated Woody. And F your haters. Sad, sad queens…

  21. Ms. Vyrus has the audacity to

    Ms. Vyrus has the audacity to shove her nasty self down our throats, and we are not allowed to spit Ms. Vyrus out?  She is a public figure like any other has been ala Britney Spears, so she is shouldn't be immune to criticisms.  We all have opinions, if you can't take the heat get out of the limelight!

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  23. I don’t think the the spokes

    I don't think the the spokes person for the junkies, whore, drug dealer and addicts of WEHO, shouldn't be telling people what's right or wrong. Your day will come for all the people you offer and started on drugs and your dirty lifestyle. You are no right to say anything, you should not be taken as an example, you are an embarrassment for the gay scene, and part of a shit whole full of drity hookers and loosers.  Make sure you clean your nose, it's always white.

    • I agree, get the F out of

      I agree, get the F out of Weho, we don't need people like you instigating this kind of immoral people among the LGBT community. Dirty people like you are the reason we have this reputation.

  24. So, you are criticizing the

    So, you are criticizing the critics for being critical?

    And now that Miley has decided to ridicule and make light of mental illness can we be critical of her for that? Seeing as that does affect millions of people. Much like when we call out hateful homophobia. Or will you be criticizing our critiques on that too?

  25. Quit being so thirsty. How

    Quit being so thirsty. How can you sit here and criticize people for giving THEIR opinion about an art form or hot news topic, when you are doing literally the exact same thing?

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