Woody Woodbeck Sounds Off On Miley Cyrus

Woody Woodbeck is an Emmy Nominated TV Producer who has a vast background in the Entertainment world working in radio, TV and print media.  He has garnered much attention after a few hit viral videos this past year (Call Me Maybe – Weho Queens Redux, Shit Weho Queens Say) and through his vast social media following. Woody can be found at www.twitter.com/hollywoody.


Dear Miley Cyrus Critics:
I gotta say I am baffled by the amount of negative energy people have been spending posting about Miley Cyrus lately. Being a fan and supporter of hers, I have been targeted by my social media family in both positive and negative ways over the matter and I have decided to write a little letter to the "haters" so to speak and address a few things:
1. Why in the hell do you care so damn much?  You are in no way directly involved with her career. You do not personally know her or being impacted by her career choices.  You are not a family member who should—in your words—"be concerned about her behavior." Get over it.  
2. Do you grown ass men really feel good about your comments & calling a 20-year-old girl words like "slut", "whore", "pig", "skank"? I mean really?  How many of you have younger sisters or nieces that are that age or near it. Would you ever call her or her friends those words or even tolerate someone doing the same? I think not. 
3. Lets get one thing straight: If you don't like her, fine. I get it. You're entitled to your opinion. If it's not your thing, then it's not your thing. BUT that doesn't give you a right to impose your depths of judgment onto her and it certainly doesn't make you the motherf'ing Clive Davis of music allowing you to somehow give her "career advice"—bitch please.  
4. If you think she isn't setting a good example for the "young people" in our world, then you need to lead by example. You need to be the positive reinforcement in those young growing minds in your life. You can certainly present to them how you feel about it and what you feel is right and wrong, but ultimately you should allow those young people to make their own judgment calls on things. Times are much different then they were years ago and kids are a bit more hip and smart about their own life choices.  
5. STOP! For the love of baby Jesus… comparing what happened 10, 20, 30 years ago to today doesn't translate! You're fighting a lost cause. 
6. On a personal note, I post about a lot of things. I have a lot of opinions and I am passionate about everything I believe in. But I don't go online calling someone names or judging them when they haven't done something that hasn't directly affected me.  Now when it comes to politicians who want to take away my rights or religious groups who think I should burn in hell for being a homosexual; they are open game because they are coming for ME, who and what I stand for, and those around me that I love. Miley Cyrus, her pop music and crazy entertainment antics don't do any of that. 
So, honey boo boo, Ms. Miley Cyrus—do your thing! Keep entertaining. Live your life. Don't be afraid to take risks. Don't let the hate overpower your life light. I'll be waving my foam finger from the sidelines with my tongue out.  
Much love and peace,
Woody 🙂

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