Woof! Mike Ruiz Launches An Exclusive Collection With Social Impak

As one of pop culture’s premier photographers, Mike Ruiz has crafted stunning and unique moments in front of his ever in-demand lens. His latest partnership however, is not in front of the camera, but with Social Impak, as they launch The Mike Ruiz Collection. Ruiz has curated the items specifically, and is offering tees, tanks, posters, mugs and pillows. Each item of course, has the signature Mike Ruiz touch, many featuring a stunning model alongside an adorable canine companion. Ruiz says “they are unique items that people will love to wear or showcase in their homes”.

Photo Courtesy of Social Impak

As the sister site to Global Impak, both Global & Social Impak have goals that are very similar. While they both work directly with organizations that help them raise money for their groups, the money goes to several worthy causes. Global Impak has a focus that is primarily on environmental issues like wildlife rescue and climate change, while Social Impak has a focus on social, political and LGBTQ issues. 

Photo Courtesy of Social Impak

“Mike is a dear friend of mine,” says Social Impak founder Scott Bailey. “We have worked together for more than ten years, travelling the world in support of animal and LGBTQ causes. He was my first call when I had the idea to launch Social Impak and he was 100% supportive of coming on board as the first celebrity ambassador.” Bailey went on to say “Strong political statements and humor are often required to make an impact socially, so it was important that we set up a different arm that allowed more freedom to be funnier and even slightly risqué at times.” 

Photo Courtesy of Social Impak

The Mike Ruiz Collection is now available exclusively at https://socialimpak.com.

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