Woofy Marine Wins Alabama Race In A Huge Landslide

One more fantastic midterm election result that has us all excited.


Hunky gay former Marine, Neil Rafferty, came out on top last night in his race for the state House seat in Alabama’s District 54.

Not only did he win – he won BIG!

According to AL.com, Rafferty trumped his opponent, Independent Joseph Casper Baker III, by a margin of 90% to 10%!

The win makes Rafferty the first openly gay man elected to the Alabama legislature.


Since 2006, the seat has been held by openly LGBT Rep. Patricia Todd who chose to retire this year. Todd endorsed Rafferty’s candidacy.

The political newbie had never run for political office before.

We've previously profiled the Birmingham native who spent four years in the U.S. Marines before returning home to earn a bachelor's degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

He currently works as the director of research and development at Birmingham AIDS Outreach.


Rafferty joined the Marines after his longtime boyfriend, Michael Rudolph had been deployed twice to Iraq as a Marine so they could stay together even though 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' was still in effect. 

The couple, now together 14 years, are currently engaged and planning their wedding.

Congratulations on the win!

(h/t AL.com)

22 thoughts on “Woofy Marine Wins Alabama Race In A Huge Landslide”

  1. Congrats from Canada Neil.

    Congrats from Canada Neil. Wishing all the best for the future. Wanted to wish you and Michael the very best for many years of happiness, congrats guys!


    British Columbia Canada

  2. Thank you, Alabama, for

    Thank you, Alabama, for giving this guy a chance. Mr. Rafferty: there are MANY eyes upon you; don't mess it up like our Aaron Schock did. Best of luck to you.

  3. This is a great reminder of

    This is a great reminder of the infinite power of VOTING!     We Gay guys need to be known as reliable 100% voters.  Then the politicians will pay attention and we can also get good leaders like Neil Rafferty elected.  People have died for your right to vote so don't squander it.   Make sure everyone you've ever known VOTES at every election for justice, equality, and a better future for us all!

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  5. So proud and excited in your

    So proud and excited in your win – best wishes and I hope you can achieve what you have planned. Huge Hugs from an admirer in the U.K. I also hope your wedding goes beautifully for you both.


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  7. It’s not just the South guys.

    It's not just the South guys… Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri-Parts of Texas-Utah-etc. etc. South and South/Mid West full on RED areas tend to be very homophobic. But it can happen anywhere. I guarantee you could run into the wrong Guido in New Jersey and there would be a problem.

        • The wrong person, period.

          The wrong person, period. (Strange that that guy decided to choose Italians to make an example of homophobes. I can link right now to a number of homophobic attacks this year and not one culprit is Italian-American. Maybe he can link to some).

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    • That’s because it is. No

      That's because it is. No other section of Americs tries to repress LGBTQ+ rights so adamantly.

      That being said, there are always odd little blips here and there. Austin, TX is a liberal bastion of a city in spite of having a grossly homophobic Senator in Ted Cruz.

      • I don’t know Texas too well.

        I don't know Texas too well. I know Austin is the "liberal" exception that people throw around. But I have buds who moved to Dallas and rave about he gay scene there. 

  9. Yeah, a big step for my

    Yeah, a big step for my current resident in this red state into the 21st century!  Never thought we would get another LGBT in the state government here.

  10. Why does he have to be

    Why does he have to be described as hunky? Would this be less momentous if he didn't for your ideal for attractiveness?

    • Wow, a big accomplishment was

      Wow, a big accomplishment was  achieveand and there are people still finding a reason to nitpick at  this article about it.

      It doesn't say his looks were the only reason he was elected, although to think that outward appearance of a candidate does not affect peoples' votes (looks, age, etc) would be native.

      The article mentions some of his other accomplishments and attributes and just happens to mention the author's opinion as to his looks.

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