Woofy Realtor Rocked Twitter With His Inspiring Transformation

Chicago Realtor Greg Bloomer (image via Instagram)

So, what did you do during these past months of coronavirus lockdown?

Chicago Realtor Greg Bloomer rocked social media recently by sharing his inspiring fitness transformation over the past three months.


On his Instagram account,  he shared that he realized he was becoming depressed during the first month of lockdown and began to gain weight.

So, he decided to make some changes for himself. In addition to following a keto diet (low carb), he’s been pumping out more than 45 minutes of cardio 4-5 times a week. 

Acknowledging the effort hasn’t been easy, Bloomer says the results kept him motivated. He adds, “I don’t hate the attention either.”

The 29-year-old adds that he feels “better than I have in possibly my entire life.” 


Bloomer also shares that he’s struggled with the way he looks for some time because being overweight is “so stigmatized, especially in the gay community.” 

He underscores in his message that he believes “there is no right body type – whatever makes you happy, and has you feeling good, is the right answer for you.”


He closes his post saying he’s excited for his next 90 days of progress and ‘apologizes’ for “being a thot on the internet.”

On Twitter, he shared the before/after pics saying he hesitated posting them because he’s still “not totally comfortable” in his own skin, BUT – he deservedly felt a bit of pride in hitting the 90-day mark of his current fitness, “So idgaf.”

It’s safe to say the Twitterverse is totally comfortable with his inspiring achievement.



He may not have seen it, but we think Bloomer was already pretty woofy (and rocked the fur, too).


Props to Bloomer for making changes that empower him and for sharing the inspiring journey with others.

Check out more from his Instagram below.


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