Woooo Child, Is That A Grill? Cause Daniel Newman Is Serving Up That Hot Dog!

I first met sexy auburn-haired southern boy and ‘Walking Dead’ actor Daniel Newman on the red carpet at the 2019 GLAAD Media Awards in New York City. I was somewhat embarrassed to admit at the time that I had never watched the show. Still, I fessed up to let Newman know and invited him to describe his character, “He’s a gangsta, he sorta whips everybody up, he’s kind of White Knight, he comes in and saves everybody,” he explains. I then asked if that describes him in real life too?” Jokingly he shot back, “Yes, I’m totally typecast. They were like, you’re from Atlanta, so let’s go, boy!”



Newman is southern charm personified, and it may seem hyperbolic to say, but he exudes an energy that feels electric, welcoming, engaging, flirtatious, confident, and yet humble all at once. His physical appearance is the epitome of the often fetishized “ginger” – tall and muscular in stature, brooding good looks, beautiful freckles, and well, let’s just say, the boy looks terrific with clothes on or without. Just have a look at his Instagram, where some of his provocative posts leave little to the imagination.


More seriously, though, Newman made headlines recently when he exposed a significant obstacle in the healthcare system surrounding testing for COVID-19. As the actor explained to various news outlets, he was tested for the illness but then was informed that the hospital system did not have the bandwidth to process the test. He further shared that despite remaining undiagnosed, and his test not being processed, he still received a bill for $9000!


I want to thank Daniel Newman for sharing his medical story with the media as we all try to navigate more effectively through this current nightmare of a health crisis. He’s reportedly feeling much better now.

And since we could all use a little (or big) distraction to occupy our minds in these uncertain times, I also want to thank Newman for his latest Twitter thirst trap video posted this weekend. Initially, fans thought it I was him majestically stepping from the patio to the indoors but however, he was just sharing the video, because, you know, these are sharing times (just from 6 feet away or of course via video).

Thanks Daniel!



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  1. That’s actually Kyle Hynick from Halifax, Canada. It was on his IG (@kylehynick) and you can see downtown Halifax with Scotia Bank tower in the background.


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