Worlds Finally Collide: Christina Aguilera is Down for a Duet with Britney Spears!

For almost twenty years now, fans of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears have wondered if two of pop's biggest all-time stars would come together and actually make a song. The "Fighter" singer just dropped a major hint regarding this being a possibility in the future, and this writer is losing his s**t just thinking about it.




Christina stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night and spoke about this potential opportunity with Ms. Spears. "If her reps say okay… Hey, I’m down," she admitted. 

This was brought up when Christina and Jimmy (Kimmel) were talking about the power of social media, specifically how it allows celebrities to take their stories into their own hands.


“Back in the day whenever people were comparing me to other artists, I would have just loved to squash it before having an interview,” Aguilera said. “You do an interview and back then, it was just like the media was the storyteller for you. Rather than being like, ‘This is what it is, here’s a picture of us right now hanging out, in our pajamas eating popcorn’ or whatever.”

When Jimmy asked her for specifics, she brought up Britney who wa someone that Christina worked with in the early 90's on The Mickey Mouse Club. They then spent years after that denying that there was any rivalry between them.







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“When I was coming up, it was very obvious, you know, me and Britney were definitely… there was the Britney/Christina considered rivalry thing,” Aguilera added. “If we had social media back then, we would have probably done a song together and just squashed it.”

Jimmy agreed, and mentioned to the Grammy winner that there was still time to get into the recording studio. "“It’s probably not too late for that,” she said.

So Britney's rep needs to contact Christina's and make this happen. Thanks! 

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