Would Gay Men Use A Phone That Blocks D-Pics?

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Maybe this is what we really need.

A new cellphone coming from Japan may give us a solution to the ongoing problem of nude photos. Whether it’s the increasing occurrence of dudes sending unsolicited penis pictures or the impulse to take pictures ourselves, this phone might help us actually stop it.


According to SoraNews24, the Tone e20 is the latest in a series of phones with “Smartphone Protection.” Smartphone Protection is an AI system that works with the phone’s camera. After taking a picture, the AI scans the image. It will then decide whether the image is “inappropriate” or not. While phone provider Tone Mobile has not specified the full list of what will be flagged, the company does plan to block naked selfies. If you try to take a naked selfie, an error message will appear and the image will be deleted.

Keep in mind, this isn’t some feature thinly veiled in conservative censorship. The feature was created as a resource to protect children and teens. The anti-naked selfie feature is one aspect of Smartphone Protection. The program was also created to protect users from scams and coercion tactics online.

Images via Tone Mobile

But what about adults? What if an adult wanted to get the phone in order to protect themselves from similar scams on the internet. If you’ve ever used a gay dating app, you’ll know there are ALWAYS bots and scammers asking for nude photos. Having a phone and program like this can help gay men fight off the impulse to send a picture.


Of course, this type of feature and phone is only worth it if someone wants to keep themselves from such actions. Otherwise, you’d just be torturing yourself when you just want to (digitally) get it on. Though, know that the phone does come with a disable option for adult users.

So, is this phone worth it? Would gay/bi men buy a phone if it blocked them from taking naked photos? Right now, there’s no word on whether the phone will be making its way to the West and the United States of America. But if enough gay men showed an interest, maybe. So, what do you all think?

Sources: SoraNews24, IT Media

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