Would Tyra and Andrew approve of their stars being in this Vamp Camp film?

There can never be too many hot shirtless strippers in the world.  But what if they were also underwear models, a contestant on America's Next Top Model Cycle 22, and here's the twist, vampires?  Just like strippers, it's gonna cost you to see the goods.  Filming for Vampire Strippers Must Die needs your love, attention, and funding at their indiegogo.com page.  So if you're wanting more skin, fangs, and have some extra green, keep reading and watch the trailer below.

(LOS ANGELES – AUG. 12, 2015) – A new trailer has been released today for Vampire Strippers Must Die!, a hilarious and sexy horror-comedy set to star America’s Next Top Model’s Bryant Wood and underwear supermodel Pablo Hernandez, in their first feature film acting roles. The script for the film previously won the New York LGBT Film Fest’s Screenwriting competition in 2010.

Set to go into production in November 2015, the wacky comedy by award-winning filmmaker Keith Hartman follows a group of American male strippers on tour in Eastern Europe faced with having to battle the undead. With fantastic dance numbers, jaw-dropping epic fight scenes, fun plot twists, and funny, yet memorable character moments, Vampire Strippers Must Die! will feature more hot boys than you can shake a stick at, and then some. The film will also star famous fitness model John Suazo, and other exciting new talent.

While the men of Chippendales perform in London, Paris and Milan, the men of Overnight Male are stuck playing low rent dive bars in Bulgaria. After six weeks on tour, everyone is getting just a teeny bit cranky. The straight strippers and gay strippers are ready to kill each other, and the only thing holding the band of American male strippers together is their geeky and resourceful tour manager, Jake. No matter what Eastern Europe throws at them, Jake’s been able to handle it, whether it’s been aggressive fans, thieving bar owners, broken buses, or even the occasional need for bail money. Vampires, though, are a new one.

Vampire Strippers Must Die! will feature a lonely vampire hunter who has never gotten over his high school boyfriend. A female vampire who has been in a bad relationship for 300 years, before finally discovering the small screen wisdom of Dr. Phil. And a pair of twin brothers who strip together but compete over everything. – indiegogo.com




So far it looks like there is more stripping and shirtless activity than Magic Mike.

The trailer is being released as part of the film’s Indiegogo campaign (donation page is here) which is seeking to raise $125,000 in production funds in 30 days. A successful campaign will give Hartman the resources for an ideal 18-day shoot, which will allow them to shoot all of the stunts, fight scenes and dance numbers to make this film as fresh and as exciting as possible.

Those interested in learning more about the film can visit the official Vampire Strippers Must Die! page at www.VampireStrippersMustDie.com. – indiegogo.com

Did the trailer get your attention?  It reminded me a little bit of the 1313 series I found on Netflix, but this actually looks like it has a story and ton more gyrations and no aliens, just vampires.

And the casting?  One of its starts from Andrew Christian, the other from America's Next Top Model, fitness model John Suazo and many new pieces of flesh actors.  Well played.  If this were Twilight, I'd be Team John.  Google than man!

Here's another promo video recently released for Vampire Strippers Must Die.  I give them credit for their creative way of explaining all the different levels of funding and what you get for your money.  It's always good when strippers are up front, but don't we always end up paying more than we planned on?


This clip also mentions Keith Hartman's other two films, You Should Meet My Son! and Real Heroes, which both have earned “Best Picture” awards at nine film festivals, as well as “Best Director,” “Best Screenplay,” and several “Best Actor” awards for members of the cast.




Would you donate?

Ok,  I was a little forward and asked grapevine pr + consulting to send me over some big pics of the cast.  Mainly to get a nice big pic of John Suazo, but they sent me all.  I wasn't going to share, but here goes.  Click on pics for larger view.  I'm still Team John


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